Monday, 28 August 2017

Lapland : Winter Climate Destination

Lapland is a largest and most population of Finland , there always with winter climate and more relative of beautiful conifer trees . That is mean become a Christmas in some countries and the end of the year holiday will be in Lapland , in this country most popular too with their animal Reindeer and will be thinks about Santa Claus . Actually many people know Santa Claus will be living at Rovaniemi in the Lapland and that is called Santa's Village , actually Lapland is most beautiful country in the Europe and many people will be taking winter vacation at here . 

No wonder Lapland is a best Christmas Vacation with a beautiful nature of winter climate , that is out of the world with more activity too in this snow-white season like skiing , sleigh riding and mobile skiing . So that is nice winter activity without will be bored it , about this winter climate will be full moment in this town .

When be like taking holiday at Lapland will be more sweet memories be keep it with enjoy that winter season , so if want vacation in winter climate Finland is nice country to be choose it too and will be amazing with chase that Northern Lights when during night , that so beautiful with this spectacular phenomenon . 

If want visit Lapland will be think it has a wonderful other-worldy with feel how amazing natural landscape and most that destination remains untouched it . Whatever the best Finnish sauna will be exchange into icy lake of cool it , that also will be living in the cabin or igloo to warm up and standby to apprectiate in this winter experience it . So are you ready with this winter experience as you enjoy for this exhilarating travel ? 

Finally is people will be also can feel everyda like a Christmas with a Santa Claus flying around with his reindeers sleigh at Lapland , so how wonderful about this place in this world .....

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Most Popular Skilled Toy

Many childrens or teenagers will be play one popular toys in this world , this toy already long time since it . That since it in 1993 and now this toy most popular in 2017 and everywhere easy to find and buy this toy , this toy named is Fidget Spinner . This toy too easy to play it and just use finger to hold that middle because got bearing and spin it , many childrens and teenagers will be use and play this Fidget Spinner everyday and everywhere . 

This toy too most best selling it , so will be most popular it . This toy too not same with Yo-Yo or Thumb Chucks with different style to play it , whatever this also many design and colour it about this toy , that is simple and easy to play it . Now can get Fidget Spinner at any toys shop out there , if you like this toy and will be try to buy it and feel how excellent to play .

That also can order from another country which want that design with not yet sold at us country , maybe bit expensive but that can be say special edition about this toy . Actually that not bad too because play this toy can be release stress in this life and feel don't be bored it when during free time , that also can be collection how many to get collect it .

That is skilled toy not same with another skilled toys , this looking so beautiful when see spinning it and so excellent it . So Fidget Spinner be more popular skilled toy , easy to carry with put inside pocket when to go everywhere without problem it . So start now to get one for our children or ourself it for during free time can be play it .

About this Fidget Spinner be category in " stress-reliving toy "  so nice for people to play it , that also allowed at school it . So don't worry about this skilled toy will be give negative in this life , that make be material plastic , titanium , stainless steel or ceramic . About that price maybe bit expensive but that good for life and will be try get it now at any toys shop .......

Friday, 25 August 2017

What Mean About TGIF ?

Maybe some people will be asking what is that means TGIF ? Actually TGIF is means Thanks God It Friday so that short form is TGIF , this words always will be hear anywhere or write in handphone to send with friends or family . This also can be say last day for working before during relaxing that mind and off duty at Saturday and Sunday , so almost people will be happy when during Friday . So if think TGIF will be know that coming during weekend about it , many people will be happy when during Friday it . 

But that also can another means is Blessed Friday with hope more be better it then yesterday . Actually in 1 weeks Friday is can be say special day and will be feel excited about it , whatever just be have a nice moment everyday included Friday . Us also can called this TGIF is Together Growing In Faith , that is nice meaning for life too like to giving a hope in everything what be to do . 

Everyone will be waiting Friday evening because will got have a nice plan for it after last day working for every weeks it . Time for happy hour with friends at outside so that is called Friday Night Fever or bring family to dinning at outside , so this very great plan for every Friday . So what your plan when during every Friday ? Whatever that important enjoy yourself in this life with family and friends always ......

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Best TVB Hong Kong Drama

Many chinese drama I'm watching it before , got one chinese drama looking so nice to watch it . That title chinese drama is my favourite is Under The Veil , this drama is comedy , romance and fantasy so don't be bored to watch this drama . Many TVB artist is also famed it like Eliza Sam , Bosco Wong , Wayne Lai , Sonija Kwok , Katy Kung , Joseph Lee and Kristal Tin be acting in this drama . About this chinese drama got 20 episodes with different three folktales in this drama is Changing Pins , Judge Luk and Chasing Fish

Changing Pins

~ Brother and sister is fraternal twins and same appearance but fall in love with different people 

Judge Luk

~ A poor scholar has affair with a courtesan until that resemble his wife 

Chasing Fish 

~ About that fish spirit fall in love with a scholar until that scholar affection that fish spirit and human girl with same face 

Synopsis about this drama is told in this folktales about love , lust , selfiness and greed . Under The Veil now is broadcast on 8TV every Monday through Friday during its 07:00-08:00 pm timeslot , actually that also in International broadcast at Malaysia , Singapore and Australia . Whatever this folktales drama got many nominated in filming industry .....

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Long Island Tea

Long Island Tea is almost popular mixed drink in the world , many people will be like this cocktail because that so special beverage in alcohol drink . Actually this cocktail also can make at home for yourself or family when during weekend or holiday it , if you like this cocktail will be try make this at home and try it with feel amazing about this cocktail . This cocktail too more alcohol concentration with 22 percent it .

This cocktail too need alcohol Vodka , Tequila , Light Rum , Gin , Triple sec , Grenadine Syrup , Lime Juice and Splash of Cola . Which give this cocktail the same amber hue as its namesake , actually this named because of resemblance with colour of this cocktail . This cocktail need then most highball glass drink for relatively small amount mixer , this Long Island Tea also can be prepared "extra long " and will be more amazing enjoy drink this cocktail with increase it .

Ingredients : 

~ Tequila 
~ Rum
~ Lime Juice
~ Vodka 
~ Gin
~ Triple sec 
~ Grenadine Syrup
~ Cola ( 1 dash )

Now can be try make this at home with preparation all ingredents for this cocktail with into highball glass filled with ice , so that nice when chilled for drink this cocktail when at home . This cocktail also nice for happening at anywhere party or at any beach cafe with sitting there and enjoy with this Long Island Tea under the sunset view or during chilled night .....

Monday, 21 August 2017

Watching Movie At Growball Cinemax

Last night i'm go to watching movie at Growball Cinemax with my wife , she like to watch horror movie so she choose very famed horror true based movie Annabelle : creation . This movie looking very nice it and so horror it , many people also watch this movie at same cinema and can hear them screaming when until epic that horror it , my wife too scream it and close her eyes with her both palms , but I'm hugs my wife too because she scared it too . 

About this movie many horror it and easy understand that movie it , I'm also can see this Growball Cinemax can be fullhouse for people coming to watch this horror movie . That situation very nice it with clean and fully aircon , about that ticket not expensive too and just only RM 16 for two person for watch it . No wonder why many  people will be choose this cinema , so I'm will be choose this cinema back for watching movie coming soon .

Now also got many new movies will be on cinema screen coming soon it , so must be follow new movie trailer at u-tube everyday it and can be know which one is best movie it want to watching it soon at cinema . Maybe next time can bring my wife to watch movie again at cinema , actually watching movie is a nice activity too can be enjoy and sharing about comment that movie after to watching it . 

Whatever now I'm waiting new movie will be on screen cinema it so be follow movie trailer everyday it . Actually already seldom to watching movie after married because i'm and my wife bit tired after working everyday , whatever us both will be get back that situation before married it and will be feel like love couple to watching movie at cinema .....

Friday, 18 August 2017

Own Transport vs Public Transport

Today I'm want share something about different two man in this life , about have own transport and by public transport it . Actually this have their own difficult life and also what interest about it own transport and public transport ? Actually if have own transport easy go everywhere without any problem it and no need waste a time to waiting public transport to long time it ,so that goodness if have own transport but weakness is need more spent money for that like fuel , roadtax , service and car insurans it .

About public transport is waste time to wait i it too long time and sometimes also that full it without any empty sitting place it , so must be stand until have empty sitting place it . That is weakness about by public transport , but that goodness is save more pocket money everyday and that is cheaper pay it , so sometimes don't be headache about it too . 

Own Transport ( car )

~ easy to go everywhere and desination
~ save more time for arrived
~ need more pocket money for fuel , roadtax , parking fee , car service and insurans 
~ hard to find car park when don'have empty space it 

Public Transport ( bus )

~ must waiting to long time for arrived
~ sometimes full until don't have empty space for sitting
~ cheaper and can save more pocket money
~ no need to find car parking if arrived that destination 

So that is different it when have own transport or only by public transport , that all have goodness and also weakness it for both transport , so whatever that important us have reason to think about how to arrived that destination it .......

Thursday, 17 August 2017

World Biggest Food Fight

Spain got one popular festival in this August , that is a food fight with tomato or just called Tomato Fight , but in Spanish is must be called La Tomatina . That is will be happen this festival at last Wednesday in August every year . this so amazing about this festival at Spain , many people like a food will be join this festival and feel so happening about it . Many people will be standby throw tomato in this La Tomatina and feel that situation at there like in battlefield it , if me at there also will be want to see this festival too .

This year La Tomatina at there will be at 30th August , so got 2 weeks again this festival will be launch at there . So many people be waiting this festival coming soon about it , so who vacation at Spain now can be join to see this festival and don't be miss it . This is also can be say entertainment at there every year and this will be happen at Bunol , Valencia . This can say is world biggest food fight so that will be so excellent it for this festival . 

This festival also got rules before to start it because must be squash that tomato before to throw it to another participant join this festival , because that must be avoid to hurt somebody it . Now this festival already got few countries be launch this La Tomatina it . Actually this food fight can be say waste it ,  but whatever this is be culture festival in this town so will be happening for this festival . 

Actually this La Tomatina has been held in Bunol since 1945 , this festival was create by two men with throwing tomato after protest in political , so that event continues to this day . Many people will be enjoyable for this throwing tomato festival , which anyone participants throw tomato and will be get involed in this festival for entertaiment purposes it .....

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Teddybear Is Best Soft Toys

Teddybear is a good soft toys in this world , many childerns or girls will be like and buy teddybear it , this also can be birthday or valentine gift for someone special in this life . Whatever many type this soft toy with different colour and style about this teddybear , this also already famed with around the world about this teddybear . About my icon profile also use teddybear picture because that looking so nice it . Actually teddybear can be say is a nice with good behaviour character soft toy like a guardian in this children life , but that also accompany when sad or happy always and don't care at everyway . 

That also can be nice present to anyone special day it , because that will be keep sweet memories in this life and always will be remember it . Whatever teddybear is good character in this life , it always know that body language when need it , if feel sad or happy it . Sometimes in the girl bedroom must be got many teddybear it because that is girl life , actually that not only for girl . But boy also will be keep that teddybear in their car for decoration it and will be make that car looking beautiful it . 

This soft toys always be good choice for teddybear lover , don't care at how expensive it must be will be think about that want to buy it and bring to home . For me this can say is a best friend too in this life whatever this just only soft toy it , that never make somebody hurt and just only for people who need it always in this life when happy or sad , so teddybear is best friend too about it .....

Monday, 14 August 2017

29th SEA Games

This week will be held 29TH SEA GAMES in Kuala Lumpur , this very great for that competition at us country do don't forget support us country heroes in this competition . Now many new talent from us country and will be hope give new spirit for all games , Malaysia very great with badminton , billiard , wushu , cycling , aquatics and soccer in 29TH SEA GAMES . So us all waiting to see this games with live at television channel , another country in Asean also will be challenge us country in this year 29TH SEA GAMES . Thailand and Indonesia is a biggest challenger in soccer , sepak  takraw and badminton , about Singapore and Vietnam also too looking good in soccer this few times . 

Philippines is looking is best billiard and snooker in this competition , so them will be looking favourite in this games . Whatever another country like Brunei and Laos will be try at best in this competition and maybe them also will be give surprise for another country in this year 29TH SEA GAMES

Now already start 29TH SEA GAMES fever , so all social media will be busy to update their report everyday about this competition . For me this will good for all reader at newpaper or online news , because them easy can follow that news . So must be too support us media social at every sport arena , because them will be looking busy to get more news for all reader at outside there . So them job will be like at battlefield , whatever must be thanks from them at every sport arena will don't think feel tired for get sport news it . 

About this 29TH SEA GAMES got 38 sports in this competition , that will be excellent about it , many gold medal , silver and bronze will be waiting for all particant get ready in this competition . This year which country will be tallest get gold medal in this competition ? Maybe this hard to say it , because very country have great particant to join this competitiòn with famed everyone country it . Whatever don't be miss it watch and support us country in this 29TH SEA GAMES competition ......


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Sabah : Nature Of Beauty

Sabah have many interesting place with nature of beauty must be to visit it , this Land Below The Wind very excellent with many wildlife too like Orang Utan and Rhinos in this state . Many visitor come from many country be visit Sabah because want to see this nature of beauty , but got interest place most popular is a Mount Kinabalu . This mount got many myths and legends about it , I'm like hear that myths because so excellent it . 

Maliau Basin @ Sabah Lost World

This place is looking so beautiful with nature of beauty , that also can breath with fresh air in this place . If want take beautiful photo this is a time for it , so don't be miss it to bring family or friends to visit this beautiful place . 

Turtle Island Park 

If  you want to see turtle lay eggs must be visit this island called Turtle Island Park , many turtle will be come to here for lay eggs . So this place also interesting too for this activity and don't be miss it to see turtle lay eggs , about location this island not too far from Sandakan .

Sabah Tea Garden 

Sabah also got famed by tea at here , this tea so fragrance and different went drink it . So when visit Sabah must try to buy Sabah Tea to try it at home with family , that will don't be make disappointed after try drink this local tea at here . 

Bukit Bendera @ Signal Hill

This location can see all around KK City during day or night , can feel how beautiful this city . Actually nightview more looking beautiful it about this city , so if want see KK City nightview must be come to Bukit Bendera here and see that how beautiful this city during night .

Kelambu Beach 

This beach very beautiful and also amazing it in Sabah , because can walk to this island from this beach . Actually this location at Kudat so must be visit this beach and will be know how wonderful it , if want take beautiful photo also can be at here this beautiful beach and island .

In Sabah still got many another interesting place again , so must be visit there another it and feel how wonderful that place it . Don't be miss it bring family and friends too looking that beautiful place in Sabah .....

Friday, 11 August 2017

Be Good Attitude On Flight

When you on flight many things will be think about your behaviour it and also will be give a respect to anyone on board flight so that will be your nice vacation in your life , us is a passenger must be always take easy about it so that will be make anyone be enjoy and happy on board flight with you . When you want to talk with flight steward must be probably it , if need something help from them . Them also will be respect it and also be serve with you nicely it , that also follow rules when on board flight , like don't be make noisy and sitting with probably it , so your beside friends also will be respect it too about good behaviour 

When you want to sleep awhile because tired about long distance so can be bring air travel pillow , because that will be make you nice to sleep it and take a rest that mind too when on flight , that will be make good for that so get ready when need it too . 

If want talk with beside friends or making new friends must be good attitude it with nice words and talk probably it . That will be make that beautiful long distance on flight , so try the best for it all . If want to listen music can be use earphones for that and play smooth music with don't be put that sound loud it , so your friends can be nice to relaxing without disturb by that louder sound it . Whatever enjoy your flight with keep happiness and safety arrive that destination for beautiful vacation ......

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Perseid Meteor Shower

That is really Perseid Meteor Shower will be happen saturday midnight ? I'm got many information from online news for this , if really will be happen ? That be amazing for it because seldom got a chance can be looking meteor shower it . That is good news too for all stargazers can waiting to watch it . But which area in Malaysia can to watch this meteor shower ? Whatever I'm also hope can be watch this meteor shower saturday midnight . So this also good chance for make a wish when meteor shower it , maybe got some stargazers will be camping at outside for waiting to watch meteor shower it . Whatever us all hope that Perseid Meteor Shower , will be happen saturday midnight it . Actually this is a famous meteor shower it and so that will be enjoyable to watch it .....

Just Call Me Lanseikong

Maybe some friends at outside will be asking what is that mean my blog Lanseikong ? Actually that is words from chinese words will mean better be silent and that I'm use this name for my blog and also my nickname too , maybe that bit weird but that looking cool it . About my blog is a lifestyle blog for everthing at outside and also myself too , so very great be lifestyle blogger because can teach or learn from something . Normally I'm is still new blogger and many things still be learning in this blogger world , maybe someone too will be ask why I'm interest to blogging ? Just for fun ? Hobby ?

Actually I'm interest with blogging because like to writing from middle school again , writing is also can be release stress in this life . As be blogger also can be say in media social , so how be important too blogger in this media social . Now many blogger be standing in this blog world , so can be say how excellent it . 

Whatever I'm so enjoy it with blogging what I want to blogging in my blog , don't care at home or at outside there . That make that feel so excellent when blogging and release stress in this life , so I'm still be blogging about my lifestyle and another things at outside . 

Finally I'm be hope can be meets another great blogger at outside coming soon , because still want learn about experience blogging more it from that great blogger at outside there . I'm also always read great blogger blog like Saimatkong , Tian Chad and Four Feet Nine . Their is can be says great blogger in Malaysia , about who am I at this behind blog just a called Lanseikong , that is a man with still find a hope in this life ...... 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

lnternet Life As Blogger

Actually internet is so important for me , because if without internet or that data already bit low or finish it , that will be give problem for me want to be blogging . So I'm will be request 1 month data in my handphone , because that internet will be active without worry about it again . That also got free internet from 1am until 7am so that don't be use data at handphone and be saved it more then before , so for me that is so excellent about it . 

I'm already use Hotlink 4 years ago , until now I'm still use this Hotlink and don't be change another line system it , easy to say that is nice for my life and great full line , when blogging without think about don't have line it . 

06:40 ~ wake up and standby breakfast before go to work and if after that take a few time for online to see Facebook or read another blog . 

07:30 ~  go to working place , but bit traffic jam and so take it easy and online again to see blog . 

08:00 ~ arrive working place and be start working but sometimes busy and sometimes not too busy . 

12:00 ~ lunch time and relax , so I'm be try check my handphone it and take a time to continue blogging .

17:30 ~ time for back from working place and time for blogging again to finish it my blog before to publishing . 

So anyone know me how important internet in my handphone everytime without any questions to ask more it , easy to say if don't have data in my handphone so can't be blogging always ......

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Prepared For Wedding Anniversary

What is nice plan for wedding anniversary ? Maybe some people will be plan for special candlelight dinner and changing anniversary gift or go to watching movie at cinema , that is only opinion for that plan . But that also got to travel for honeymoon with celebrate wedding anniversary it , whatever must be happiness together to celebrate it . But for me will be cooking at home what my wife like to eat and also give present for her in wedding anniversary , maybe this looking simple but that important is must be enjoy in this anniversary from true heart . 

Actually wedding anniversary is a remember that wedding date and also year , so that can say how biggest day for people who already married it . That also like a Valentine's Day for love couple , but already married also will be celebrate too because that mean how loving your partner of life . Husband will be arrange that all when wedding anniversary for wife , so about wife will be get surprise about it when know how their husband loving their wife and will be happy and joyful

Whatever be a good husband or wife will be keep their married always , so that wedding will be looking is a perfect it until last breath . So who already married must be remember that wedding anniversary and try give the best for all that without any reason for it . So enjoy it that anniversary with your husband of wife and keep that sweet memories always in this married rules . 

Finally is just get ready that all things for this wedding anniversary and wishes the best for celebrate it with your partner of life in this perfect wedding anniversary with full sweet memories .....

Australia Is Best Next Vacation

The destination of your choice for a holiday is Australia, as the country is charming and has a beautiful view of the night. It does not hurt you to vacation in Australia which has so many interesting places for example the Sydney Opera House. This place is interesting and also has a wonderful night view especially at Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The view on Sydney Harbor Bridge is wonderful if at night and it can be said to be the 10th most beautiful place in the world. If there is an opportunity to try to visit this place and not far from the Sydney Opera House.  


Kangaroo also is mascot in this country, this animal is also looking tame behavior about it so if got an opportunity can be step closed it with this animal and giving foods to its, and also can touch it with feel how amazing this animal. 


About there alcohol drink must be famed with them wine , there got one product wine is name Penfold Grange , this wine is looking nice to be taste it . If who is wine drinker will be find it this wine and feel how different it then another wine , for me also want to try it if got a chance too ......

Tasty Wok @ Venition Club

Memang syiok kalau mendapat menjejaki tempat makan yang hebat ni , tsmpat ni memang merupakan ada kelas sendiri dan merupakan sebuah kelab y...