Monday, 16 October 2017

Travel Review : Moment In Peninsular 2015

When I'm see that all picture will be remember back when go to vacation at Peninsular for 10 days at there with my wife , that many interesting place us both to visit it in Kuala Lumpur like Avenue K , Petronas Twins Tower , Sunway Pyramid and also another state is Perak . That is so meaningful vacation for us both , because this is my first time go to travel with my wife at there , so that can say joyful and also many memories travel at there . Whatever just hope will be travel at there again coming soon , maybe next destination for vacation is a Johor and want visit there Legoland

Actually I'm and my wife also use public transportion like KTM and LRT for all destination it , about that price for use that transportion be cheaper it . So that no problem went to go destination it and be safety arrived it , about that food destination my wife will be choose at Sunway Pyramid because want meets long time no see her best friends at there . There many cafe and restaurant with a great cuisine will be make mouthwatering about it , whatever just choose Tony Roma for taking lunch and meets her best friends at there . That so excellent it because can see Sunway Lagoon from this restaurant , so I'm quick take my digital camera and snap that picture about it , Actually Sunway Lagoon is a famous water theme park in Asia , many local or tourist will be visit this theme park during weekends or holiday . 

About we next destination is a Avenue K that is one popular shopping mall it and also is near Petronas Twins Tower , that is looking so amazing it because my dreams is come true for looking this greatest tower in the world . That is really beautiful about this tower and I take out my camera again and with standing under that tower to snap that picture about that tower , but that time I'm not yet be blogger again so never be start blogging about this amazing tower . 

Finally is my wife's best friends bring our go to visit Perak , that is can be say is a " Chinatown " because there majority is a Chinese people living at this state . About there foods also looking so cheaper and delicious it until will be make mouthwatering it , there many old shop and old building about it so that is have great history about this state . Actually I'm is like history so this place is nice for me if want know many histroy it , about that food destination at there must be Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong , this is old coffee shop at there and always looking full house with many customer to come here . 

Because there foods is looking not expensive too and also got many choice can be to choose it for meal , so no wonder why many customer will be stay at this coffee shop for lunch or teatime about it . Whatever I'm and my wife is so lucky can eat how cheaper and delicious foods at this coffee shop , so very thanks with her best friends bring us both to try how delicious foods at this coffee shop , actually too Perak also famed with " Ipoh White Coffee " . That so very frangrance about it , so my wife got buy two packet and bring back to Sabah for taste it .....

Avenue K

Petronas Twins Tower

Tony Roma ( Sunway Pyramid )


  1. Such a great post! Thank you for sharing your experience as it will surely help other newbies coming to peninsular Malaysia especially the cities you've visited with your wife. Keep posting great posts! Btw, your pics are great! Sincerely..Lan and Joe,

  2. Thanks .... about your support it curiostraveller


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