Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Monday, 29 January 2018

Drangon Seafood Restaurant @ Donggongon

Hi , I'm is back at here and already long time don't have blogging about it , whatever today I'm have some interest foods want share with all at here . Last week I'm and my wife side family go to hang out for taking dinner at one popular restaurant in Donggongon there , that name is Dragon Seafood Restaurant with popular seafood cuisine it and about that taste also looking never disappointed it too , so can be give thumb up about it . 

That is too looking have another excellent cuisine it , that popular with that " Steam Chicken " too and that is my favourite cuisine about it , when I'm eat that chicken is very looking smooth and not salt it about that sauce is looking bit sweetest and nice mixed it into the rice . 

About that looking bit special menu about it must be " Fried Bitter Groud " , that is looking not bitter when eat it and that also delicious too , actually I'm don't like eat bittergroud , but when I'm eat this and don't have feel about bitter in the mouth . So who is a don't like bitter groud same with me and must be try it , because don't bitter after fried it . So for me will be rated five star too about this " Fried Bitter Groud " because this looking so excellent cuisine it too . 

When time eat " Butter Prawn " that is looking fragrance with a butter it too , but that prawn bit small it , so maybe not enough if only eat two or three pieces about this prawn . Whatever about this cuisine is still can be looking excellent it too , just hope that prawn must be bit largest about it for make " butter prawn " . About that " Nyonya Fish " is looking so delicious with feel spicy it , so who is like to eat spicy and this is nice for it , that fish meat also looking fresh it and that never disappointed with this cuisine too ......

Dragon Seafood Restaurant ,                                            Lot 10 , Block F , 
Donggongon New Township ,
Pekan Donggongon , 89507
Penampang , Sabah 

Tel : 088-725313


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Mysterious Woman On The Mars

Something mystery got happen in Mars before this times , that is about " A Mysterious Woman On The Mars " , this looking so amazing and also hot topic before it . That is real woman or just a statue about it ? But it just a statue , that maybe already long time damage about it , so many factor is can be proved that is a real woman , so that mean Mars have another living at there about it and be same with Earth . Whatever this proved maybe one day our can be living at Mars too , but this question who is a mysterious woman at there ? That mean have another human already living at there . But how many it ? 

Whatever that is good news too for us because have another planet can be human living at there it , so this will be more interesting about this planet too . When I'm looking that picture about this beside that woman that looking have a  camp about it , sometimes that also will be think maybe she is an angel ? But that not many proved about it too for this a woman is an angel . However is about this woman how can be arrived in this Mars ? Nobody also will be think this question too and that is why a topic is a called " Mysterious Woman On The Mars "  , so maybe oneday us all will be know about it with many mysterious things happen on this Mars ......

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Tamagotchi : Popular Digital Pet

Maybe some people will be still remember that "digital pet " is called Tamagotchi about it , this so popular in 90's around about it and many people will be get one for this life . Actually about this " digital pet " is since in Japan and almost popular at there before be supply around the world and more people will be digital pet lover it , this also looking so easy to care it and like same with reality pet in this world . 

That can be give foods , medicine , training , sleep and bath too . So that how interesting about this Tamagotchi about it , that also got many pet type want to care it like dog , cat , hamster , chicken and rabbit . This must be care from baby until adult about it , but if have any mistake or ingored about it , this digital pet will be dead . So many teens will be like this digital pet and be take care about it with carefully .

But until now maybe new generations don't know about this digital pet because this already long time don't have since again this popular digital pet , for me this already hard be find back this Tamagotchi when got popular in 90's . This is a best memory for me because got one this digital pet when school time too , so who got a this digital pet and will looking like a great gamer too , that also never boring and never disappointed with this digital pet . 

Finally is hope how popular this digital pet can be since back in this world one day and all new generations can be play this digital pet like back to old school in 90's about it and can feel how care about it like same with reality pet in this world ...... 

Monday, 8 January 2018

Blogging Without Picture

Already one week in this 2018 , maybe many people already got many new moment about it , about me also got many new story in my life in this 2018 , but whatever just be keep it and moving on first because still far again in this year . That important must be happiness in this new pages of life diary about it and will be more interesting about it about already move on one week ago , about my blog today is without any picture , because just be simple it . I'm here want apologize if don't have any picture about it , so today just be " blogging without picture " and maybe bit less interested about it too . 

Whatever that not means that is fade about blogging it , but sometimes that will be more keep many words with looking simple and bit meaning for all it . Actually I'm is not a good blogging but will be do the best always about it , so will be hope more interesting again in my blog coming soon , about already one weeks past , my life story is just be start begins like another too at here ......

Monday, 1 January 2018

Kedai Kopi Loi Hin @ Donggongon

Last night I'm and my wife got to taking brunch at Kedai Kopi Loi Hin , that is want to taste there popular " Ngiu Chap Ho Fan " and " Ngiu Chap Noodle " about it . That is looking how delicious about that " Ngiu Chap " , " Beef Meat Ball " and " Ngiu Kin " , about that noodle and " Ho Fan " also looking smooth it . So that never will be disappointed taste about it , many people will stay at this coffeeshop and want to eat this " Ngiu Chap " , so must be try to bring family or friend to visit this coffeeshop . 

About this coffeshop also looking bit " old school " designation about it , so that will be feel how amazing with that all when taking breakfast at there . That customer service also looking not bad too and can be give thumb up for it , if who need extra soup for this " Ngiu Chap " , that is looking for free it . So I'm and my wife will be come to here again for second time want to taste again " Ngiu Chap " at here , about that price also not expensive with just only RM 8 for one bowl it .

Actually this coffeeshop is located at Donggongon , that easy to find this coffeeshop about it . About that food is looking halal too and don't have serve pork in this coffeeshop it , whatever if want to try " Ngiu Chap " must be visit Kedai Kopi Loi Hin and feel it how delicious about this " Ngiu Chap " and will be give thumb up about it .....

Kedai Kopi Loi Hin
Lot 9 , Jalan Penampang ,
Pekan Donggongon , 89500
Kota Kinabalu , Sabah .

Tel : 088712136

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