Friday, 25 May 2018

Steam Salted Chicken

That picture above it will be make mouthwatering about it , that is looking how delicious it . Whatever this cuisine is name Steam Salted Chicken and many people can be try make itself at home for family too , this menu looking is easy about it just be use wrapping for this chicken and pour bit salt about it and after that can be start to steam it . That also can be use chicken drumstick or whole chicken , when you after try this menu and will be give thumb up too and never disappointed about this cuisine . About this cuisine can order at outside any chinese restaurant too , because this cuisine is also looking popular it .

Whatever if want to saving baget can be make this cuisine at home and enjoy it with family at home , about me already many time got eat this cuisine when during schooltime and my mom make this cuisine at home for every weekends or public holiday , so I'm never disappointed with my mom cook style . Reminder once again at here about this cuisine , just be use wrapping for this chicken with pour bit salt and wrap it , finally is ready to steam it . So must be try this cuisine at home and after try this will be same idea like me will feel how delicious it and that is called " food paradise " about it too ....

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wordless Wednesday

A thousands words will be keep in the one picture and just be imagine about it 


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Cybertroopers Vs Bloggers

Today I'm blogging about what different about Cybertroopers and Bloggers in this country , normally theirs both is looking doing same things , that is use keyboard for writing something about it . But cybertroopers is looking more focus for politics propraganda about it then bloggers just looking doing for freestyle about it with any issue happen in this life , so that is looking different about it . Normally cybertroopers also is called " keyboard warrior " too in this country , so that looking will be more powerful in this social media too . About cybertroopers also get payment and looking so important in politics propraganda , when during general elections about it too . 

About bloggers that looking small character in social media but looking large audience about it , but they looking freestyle when blogging about it too . That also looking always update their blog in this social media , but bloggers is not " keyboard warrior " like a cybertroopers in social media , about theirs just looking important for all people in this living with always follow any blog at social media . Whatever cybertroopers or bloggers is looking different , that important is doing is a right thing in the social media ..... 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Harvest Festival In Sabah

Harvest Festival is a Kadazandusun festival in Sabah , this looking more happening about this festival with can be eat tradisional culture foods and drinks like hinava , bosou and tuhau . About drinks is looking more popular that must be montoku , bahar , tumpung and tapai . That is looking so happening about this festival in Sabah , this also many tourist from any country also be join together to celebrate this festival too and will be held at KDCA in Penampang . Whatever many food stall will be at there during this festival from non-halal until halal foods will be sold at food stall there , so don't be missed it to visit KDCA during this Harvest Festival will be start this month until end of this month too . Can be bring family or friends to join this festival and visit long house at there and " jambatan gantung " too , that also got many another activities waiting for all to join it 

That also got beauty contest that is called Unduk Ngadau during this festival and many particiants from all Sabah will be join this contest and will be know who be a winner for this Harvest Festival . Normally this also tribute for Huminodun , is a young pretty woman who sacrifice herself for all Sabahan when during dry season without any foods grows it too . So this tales most popular in Sabah , so who want know tales of Huminodun can be search at google too .....

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a special day for all woman in this world already be called mother , because today is a Mother's Day about it with full meaning too . Normally mother is a special human in this world because with a biggest sacrifice for her family and childrens , she also is a " queen of the heart " in this living with do many thing in the family can be say mother is a guardian angel too in the family with always protect their childrens . Whatever we must be so proud for all woman in this world as a mother too , if without them our is a man also will be alone in this world too .

Whatever today is mother's day , so bring our mother hang out and celebrate this mother's day together too with full cheering in this celebrations . We also must be remember she sacrifice too for us in the family don't care at where it . Finally is take care our mother in this life with true heart , because she is a " queen of the heart " in this world ......


Friday, 11 May 2018


One popular legend in Sabah about construction of the Tamparuli Bridge , this story beginning from a beautiful village girl named Solungkoi with fall in love with a British officer named Robinson , them looking loving each other and full happiness about it . But in the village got one local guy named Intang also fall in love with Solungkoi too , whatever Solungkoi never have feel with him and only just love Robinson , because Robinson looking more handsome and also is an officer then Intang only just a ordinary worker under Robinson too . So when Solungkoi reject Intang love and finally his want revenge about it .

When Robinson still finding answer why that bridge his build it always collapse when flood it , so his ask Intang and want find a truth it . Whatever Intang believe supernatural and told Robinson about the water ghost need a young beautiful woman be his wife and must be sacrifice it , so his suggest Robinson need sacrifice Solungkoi for the water ghost be his wife and that bridge never collapse again .When his know that answer from Intang and don't have choice about it , want sacrifice his lover or saved his job as officer .

Finally his choose to sacrifice his lover for build that bridge it , when during night got party in the village , all villagers looking so joyful include Solungkoi . So when all villagers drunks include Solungkoi , this a time for Robinson sacrifice Solungkoi for the water ghost with bury alive under the bridge , when Solungkoi cry and told Robinson lets her go , but his don't care about it and the water ghost waiting Solungkoi be his wife in the water . Solungkoi make a promise with the water ghost and need Robinson sacrifice too , so that bridge never collapse again , after Solungkoi bury alive under the bridge ,  Robinson make a tombstone by a steel plate with writing down his lover name Solungkoi at under the bridge it . Finally his also killed himself and fallen into river with the water ghost put him down under the river .....

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Legend is Back : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Finally this legend is back , we all Malaysian so proud and honour with our lovely country hero that is a Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad , his is a looking great prime minister we have in this country . His also lovely man with all Malaysian in this country , so this is a good news for all in this country . Actually his is always help citizen in this country don't care at where and also is a " modern father " and malay called " bapa permodenan " , his already do many things in this country like build Petronas Twins Tower , Sepang , MSC , Putrajaya , Penang Bridge and KLIA . That is important is his always looking this country economy with greatest with helping all citizen living looking standard , so his is truly country hero it . 

So all Malaysians will be looking more happiness back when his come back be a prime minister in this country and so proud about it too , this time his back is a 7th Prime Minister and also is the " oldest prime minister " in this world . Whatever we so happy and peace in living in this country once more time again , so I'm Lanseikong is a lifestyle blogger at here with honour this truly hero in this country with name Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad and hope can be meets him in Sabah coming soon again and thanks with him come back be Prime Minister once more time again ......

Friday, 4 May 2018

Thanks God Is Friday !

TGIF ! Whatever characters I'm will be choose be act in the movies , normally I'm still is a ordinary simple character in this reality life .....

Just be think today is TGIF ! 

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