Monday, 8 October 2018

Gam Tong @ Imago

This week I'm blogging one chinese restaurant , that is also looking so popular about it too , because have many different popular cuisine at here and must be to try it . About this popular chinese restaurant is name Gam Tong , so can be bring family at here and try these cuisine about it with can be say will be never disappointed too , whatever about this restaurant also is a people's choice everytime , for me also will be give THUMB UP about this chinese restaurant . About this chinese restaurant also looking prefers for " Hong Kong Style " .

Many popular chinese cuisine at here like that picture above it , that is konlaumian with mixed ( roasted pork and roasted drumstick ) , so this looking how delicious about it and will be make mouthwatering about it too . I'm think so maybe for me not enough about it because how delicious about this cuisine , so must be try about this cuisine . 

About that second cuisine at here I'm intro today , that is a Roasted Pork Konlaumian and is non-halal cuisine about it too . Whatever that is looking delicious about this menu because seldom got to try how different this cuisine at then at outside there , so for me will be give a rated full point for this cuisine too . So if got a free time must be bring a family or friends to try walk in this chinese restaurant with try a cuisine at here and will be never make disappointed about it too , so don't be missed that chance go it too . About this restaurant location , I'm will be give information at here too .....

B-39 , Imago Shopping Mall
Phase 2 ,
Coastal Highway , 88100
Kota Kinabalu , Sabah .

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