Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Homemade Mooncakes ( Part I )

Next week is already Mid-Autumn Festival so many people will be start busy to prepared for this festival , whatever some people will be make homemade mooncake about it . Actually my topic blogging today is about my sister make many homemade mooncake with any flavour type it , that looking very delicious and will be mouthwatering it . So I'm will be try it my sister homemade mooncake , when I'm looking that picture will be feel how excellent and delicioius this homemade mooncake . 

That different it also can be make any favourite mooncake flavour and also can be make less sugar too , so that don't worry if eat more about this homemade mooncake . My sister have make Green Tea Mooncake and Pandan Mooncake , She also make another Chinese culture mooncake that is Teochew Mooncake . when I'm looking that picture , this mooncake looking so cute and round like a bun , that is so different than another mooncake about it . 

That is hard to find Teochew Mooncake at outside and I'm also never try this mooncake style about it , so for me this is so special it for this mooncake . Whatever I'm can say my sister so talent about it , so she is can be a great pastry master it ..... 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Legendary Aquatic Creature

Maybe many people will be knows myths about Mermaid , but that is real or myth only in this world ? But for me believe that mermaids is a real about it , because in this world many weird creature still alive until today like Bigfoot and Loch Ness . But whatever a mermaids is a legendary aquatic creature in this world with the upper body of a woman and a lower of body of a fish , actually this mermaid also got male and called it Merman . That a less sightings of mermen are generally assumed to co-exist woth their female counterparts . 

Many tales or myths is from Greek mythology historic accounts of mermaids . the words mermaid is a from " mere " that is means sea or lake , about " maid " is means young lady or girl . They are looking so beautiful with a long flowing hairs , about this mermaids too always at nearby rocks or shoals . 

Many evidence about sightings of a mermaids in this worldwide , so that is means mermaids is been exists about it in this world . But where that place mermaids living in this oceans ? That will be living and from Altantis under this sea ? Whatever that still finds evidence where this mermaids froms about it in this worldwide . Actually this mermaid is a godness Atargatis to transformed herself to mermaid after accidentally killing her human lover and her feel out of shame about it . 

Now this popular will be found in many countries with statues and sculptures , this also become icon in the city or country , many tourist will be attarctions in themselves . So whatever this myths about mermaids is exists , that will be keep this legendary in this worldwide with never fade away .....

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Incheon Is Metropolitan City

Before travel to South Korea in this November , I'm already read in google about interest in this country , that is looking so amazing about , so I'm will be feel excited travel to this country , because this ia first time to travel so far it . Actually my destination in South Korea is a one popular Metropolitan City , there was be Incheon , that is many intereting about this Metropolitan City and can say is a busiest city everyday . This Metropolitan City too got many transportion like SMRT , Subway , Trains and Buses . Whatever there airport Incheon International Airport ( IIA ) also is main transportion it in this country .

About this airport also is largest and busiest in the world and got Best Airport Worldwide , actually this airport got another facilities like " spa " , " golf course " sleeping room " and another facilities again . About that weather just only ( 62°F / 17°C ) , so that can say not hot weather situation at there . Incheon is very clean one Metropolitan City , so that is can say hard to see or find rubbish at the street . So that citizen will be proud about they Metropolitan City is the clean it , whatever I'm will be at there soon as lifestyle blogger will be update this blog about situation at there .....

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Chung Fatt Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival will be held next month , so many place already start sell mooncake it , about me will be think back childhood moment it with many foods prepared for this festival like fruits , snacks , mooncake , cookies , sweetest soup and chinese tea , that important is playing lantern with friends next doors . Actually this Mid-Autumn Festival also can be say " Mooncake Festival " or " Lantern Festival " it , this is most popular Chinese culture festival after Chinese New Year and Dragonboat Festival

Whatever I'm and my wife already buy mooncake from my hometown last week and bring back to here , this mooncake looking so popular it . About this mooncake supplier named Chung Fatt Bakery and almost popular it , so many people now will be choose Chung Fatt mooncake for this festival with gift to family or relatives and friends .

I'm and my wife choose Lotus Paste With Single Yolk for us both family side , that is looking delicious and also fragrance with lotus it . About that price also not too expensive when buy at my hometown Sandakan , that different at here Kota Kinabalu , so can say here bit expensive it about that mooncake . 

So think Mid-Autumn Festival must be try Chung Fatt mooncake for celebrate this festival , actually this bakery already long time be operation it . That also many breads or cookies also from this bakery , so no wonder why this is people first choice about it . 

That also got many flavour this mooncake , so easy to choose which is your favourite mooncake for celebrate this festival . This mooncakes also packed in the many beautiful designed gift box , about this year Mid-Autumn Festival will be fall on 4th October . So that will be more happening about this year festival , about another mooncakes flavour is more people choose must be Durian Paste Mooncake that is made with fresh durian pulp , so will be fragrance about that durian . 

If want less sugar and less sweetest must be try Green Tea Mooncake , that will be full aroma of green tea it . So who is a tea lover will be choose this mooncake it , because less sugar and will be nice for healthy too . That also can be good dessert when after eat more heavy and oily meal , so this never dissapointed for tea lover which to choose this mooncakes for celebrate this festival , so enjoy this Mid-Autumn Festival with family , relatives and friends ......

Chung Fatt Bakery Sdn.Bhd ,
Batu 2 Jalan Labuk , 
Yuen Hap Industrial Estate ,
90307 Sandakan , 
Sabah , Malaysia .

Tel : 089-215463
Fax : 089-210642

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Inspirasi Anak Malaysia Concert @ Likas Stadium

Later got one concert Inspirasi Anak Malaysia for celebrate Malaysia Day , about this event will be start at Perkarangan Stadium Likas with time 22.30 about it . So this concert with bring many artist for entertain to all fans at here tonight , this concert will be never dissapointed for all fans and will be entertain by local artist ( Sabah ) , Sarawak and Peninsular artist . So must be come to stadium to watch them favourite artist , this concert also will be live RTM , so who living far or not at KK district can be watching at home with on television about it and turned to channel TV1 about it . 

Whatever this all artist will be entertain all their fans don't care at stadium or at home , about my favourite artis tonight must be Zizi Kirana , she looking have talent about singing and also pretty about it . Whatever I'm just watching this concert at home only and will be cheering too , so I'm will be get ready my snacks to watching this concert at television later . 

About who want to see this concert at stadium must be early to arrived at there , because must be to find empty space for parking they cars it . That also maybe will bit traffic jam too , so who are driving now with on the way to go there must be careful it on the roads . Whatever don't forget bring family or friend to enjoy in this concert at there , but if at home to watching this concert at television also can joyful with family it . Whatever that important us can celebrate this Malaysia Day together with joy and peace , that don't care at outside or at home ......

Malaysia Day

Today is a history about Malaysian federation on 16th September 1963 , so that is called Malaysia Day . That is marked about to joining together is a Malaya , North Borneo ( Sabah ) and Sarawak to be form Malaysia . So our will be celebrate this every year with a joyful and peaceful , about me as lifestyle blogger will be proud for it , actually this also already be 57th anniversary too about this Malaysian federation .

In the history this already was planned be new federation in 1st June 1963 , but that is was be postponed until 31st August 1963 , but that problems still never settle it with a several issues about theirs neighbouring Indonesia and Philippines to objections about it until declaration to 16th September 1963 .

Actually this 16th September is also was public holiday only for Sabah because about Sabah TYT Birthday , so that not formal for Sarawak and Peninsular holiday until that since 2010 is been nationwide public holiday . Whatever now every years will be together to celebrate this Malaysia Day in nationwide .....

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dsyain Cafe At Wisma UTC Sabah

I'm taking dinner with my wife and my brother-in-law at Dsyain Cafe in building Wisma UTC Sabah , that is halal foods but anywhere that foods is not bad too and can delicious it , many customers from outside or workers at area there will be come for taking breakfast through dinner it . Their sold " ala-carte " or " economic Malay cuisine " it , there also not too expensive about that foods price , so must be try it . 

I'm order Chicken Watan Ho , that looking enough taste about this food , for me this delicious and that chicken meat nice it too . This price food just only RM 5.50 so can say cheaper it . So I'm can give thumb up too about this food , that make me too fully it so must be bring family or friends come here and try it . 

About my wife order Curry Chicken Noodle , that curry so fragrance it and not too spicy it , so can be order and try it . That noodles and chicken meat also bit more it , so that never disappointed about this meal , that also will be mouthwatering about this Curry Chicken Noodle

So if want try cheaper foods must be stay at Dsyain Cafe , that can be say nice place with nice foods too , so that no wonder many customers will be stay at here . This cafe also be operations from morning until night , about that customer services also not bad too and looking nicely it . 

Whatever this food destination is first choice because open for all religions is " Muslim or Non-Muslim " it , that all foods also halal . So must be try it at this cafe , finally is that cafe will be always be people's choice it , if who is a food blogger will be try find this cafe and blogging about there foods too including me will be do that .....

Dysain Cafe ,
Wisma UTC Sabah , 
Kota Kinabalu , Sabah ,
Malaysia .  

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pasar Kim Fung Miles 4

Today I'm and my wife go to find 2nd food destination , this us go to Pasar Kim Fung at Miles 4 , there many foods can be choose for breakfast or lunch it , so that don't be worry about it . There also got many Chinese people for business at there . so that can be say majority Chinese people at there , whatever I and my wife taking breakfast today with Pork Kon Lau Mian and Pork Noodle Soup . That looking so delicious it and make us both fully because many noodle and pork it , so that don't be disappointed for us breakfast today . 

About that drink us both order Milo Ping , that drink also looking excellent it with be taste creamer inside that drink , so will be note fragrance and delicious about this drinks . Seldom got can try how delicious about this drinks , not to sweet but fragrance with creamer it . 

So for me this can be rated five star about these foods , about that lunch us still think it , what is us lunch menu today . About this weather at here not too hot , so nice to hang out about it , like last night just be raining and thunderstorm when during dawn . Whatever I and my wife now think and choose where place for lunch at Pasar Kim Fung , actually here many place got excellent foods and so will be bit headache to choose it . 

Whatever I'm hope got can try my favourite sweetest soup Bubur Kacang . this really amazing if can try this pure peanut sweetest soup . Finally us both choose lunch with taking Rojak Sotong Kangkung that looking so delicious because got peanut too in this food , actually this food seldom can find at another place it in Sabah . No wonder this place is called " food paradise " or " Little Hong Kong " in Sabah .

Finally my dreams is come true , because finally also can find my favourite foods that is Bubur Kacang , whatever I'm order it for myself and my wife . She say so delicious and can fragrance with peanut it , that also not sweet too about this dessert . I'm see that many customer take away or eating at here about this dessert , that also just only RM 2.20 for 1 bowl it . After I'm finish taking my 1st bowl and order 2nd bowl again , because that is my favourite it . 

For me today 2nd food destination is looking great it from breakfast until lunch time at Pasar Kim Fung . There many excellent and cheaper foods waiting for people who will be come to choose and try it . there hawker also looking friendly it and always good customer service when customer come want try their foods ......

Kim Fung Market ( Pasar Kim Fung ) ,
Bandar Kim Fung ,
Miles 4 ,
Sandakan , Sabah
Malaysia . 

Food Destination At Sandakan Miles 6

This my first destination for find nice food at my hometown Sandakan with my wife , my cousin bring us go to try dessert at one popular dessert shop at Miles 6 . That is so amazing it and excellent about that dessert , I'm order Nai Lu Fah + Ice Cream ABC . So that not be disappointed about this excellent dessert , must be try it .

This dessert so fragrance too with creamer and not sweet too it , so nice taste about this dessert and can be chilled that mind when during hot weather it . About that price not expensive with only RM 5 for 1 bowl already can be taste this how delicious about this dessert it . that menu also got another many dessert can be to choose it , that also got cold and hot beverages or fresh juice it , but that more popular is there dessert . 

So must be bring family or friends to stay and try this desserts in this cafe , for me will be try again when back to my hometown coming soon again . That is no wonder my hometown is a called " food paradise " , because many seldom delicious and excellent foods will be got at here . Whatever who is a food blogger can be try this all delicious and excellent foods at here and will be know how about all this foods at here . 

Today I'm will be go to us second destination for find and try another delicious and excellent foods at another place with my wife , whatever this few times us at here will be say " all you can eat " with anywhere place and feel how delicious this all foods ......

Friday, 8 September 2017

Back To My Hometown

Tomorrow is time back to Sandakan with my wife , that is my hometown it from childhood again and I'm born at there too . Actually Sandakan is also called " Little Hong Kong " because that got many Cantonese people living at there and also many popular delicious foods about it and also cheaper it . That is feel excellent it can be try that cheaper food and delicious it , almost popular foods is Tau Fu Fah , Zhu Chang Feng ,  UFO Tarts and Bubur Kacang . So must be try it my hometown foods with feel how delicious it , Sandakan also popular with seafood it , that is also cheaper about that seafood in this town . 

So if that seafood lover will don't be dissapointed about it and that will be enjoy with can eat seafood more cheaper at there , many tourist also will be come to visit this " food paradise " , whatever for me love my hometown foods must be Bubur Kacang , that is my favourite it . That is make from pure peanut and so fragrance it , when just try it will be try again , about me can eat until two bowls , that so excellent delicious about this food , this also can be category sweet soup or desserts too . So when tomorrow when I and my wife arrive Sandakan , first step will be find us lunch at Bandar Kim Fung there .

There many stall got many delicious foods can be to choose it , actually my wife also that is first time back to my hometown after 2 years us married . So I'm will be know she looking will be feel excited it too and also can be try that delicious foods at Sandakan , whatever I'm will be update my this blog too for about situation at my hometown it . So don't be miss it about situation at my hometown this week .....

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Today Is Our Special Day

Today is a 2nd Wedding Anniversary about me and my wife , that is so meaningful it for us together in this married . Us already plan it one week ago before us wedding anniversary and how to celebrate it , so us be celebrate it at home , maybe this looking so so simple but that full meaning in this wedding anniversary . So just now us cook together at kitchen it , my wife prepared all ingredients for me ready to cook it . Our special menu for this wedding anniversary is a " Chicken Chop " that is a Western cuisine it , first I'm cook sausage it and my wife prepared that chicken breast for me cook later . Finally as less five minutes I'm finish cook that sausage and now turn to cook that chicken breast for make chicken chop it , last my wife prepared it is a french fries want to cook it . 

Finally my wife decorate that sausage and chicken chop at us plate when I'm last cook it french fries . When less five minutes again to cook that french fries , finally that all finish to cook it and my wife that is last decorate for us special dinner tonight . So finally us together taking this special dinner with enjoy and happy to celebrate us 2nd Wedding Anniversary , whatever that is important is this sweet moment will be keep always in our life until last breath . That is looking simple for us wedding anniversary , but that meaningful and will be remember about us wedding date always because this is also important and meaningful it in this marriage . So us will be plan for next year that wedding anniversary , how to celebrate it ? Next year will be know what that plan for us to celebrate this 3rd Wedding Anniversary coming soon ......

Monday, 4 September 2017

Hungry Ghost Festival

Today is a the fourteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar , that is means Hungry Ghost Festival , so restless spirit will be roam on the earth for one month . That is also called Ghost Month is " veneration of the dead " , for descendants will be burning " incense " . " joss-stick " and material as " papier-mache " for ancestors and restless spirit . That activity for this during month will be preparing ritualistic food it too for restless spirit , that restless spirit are free roam to earth for seek food and entertainment after the Hell's Gate is open for one month . 

Actually this is a largest feast is held for ghost on this lunar calendar fourteenth day of seventh month . people will be bring ritualistic food for ghost and to avoid bad luck it . During the evening or night will be burning " incense " in front of doors households , that is Chinese culture believe there is more prosperity when burning that " incense " it . During this Hungry Ghost Festival , many shop will be early closed because want to leave the streets is open for the ghost during this festival .

That will be less activity at outside during night when is Ghost Month because want to avoid anything happen it , like disturb by restless spirit about it . That also will be cafeful when driving or walking it , so that during night more people will be stay at home more it when Ghost Month , that also will be hear all dogs is crying it because that means its got see the ghost ......

Sunday, 3 September 2017

World Class Ice-Cream Brand

How delicious about that popular world class ice-cream it ? That is must be ice-cream is Baskin Robbins , that is how excellent with pure flavour and sweety it , so must be try this ice-cream . Whatever I'm like this ice-cream because that not same like another ice-cream I'm got try it before , so this ice-cream can be rated five star it , when want to eat nice ice-cream must be think Baskin Robbins .

There also got cake and looking so delicious and creative it , that can be buy  for who got birthday it . Many cake type can be choose it but that all is most popular " ice-cream cake " so start can be order it , about me also like " ice-cream cake " because that is my favourite cake too . 

Whatever many people will be choose this Baskin Robbins be a good dessert too . that also not too expensive with just only RM 12 about it , already can taste that pure ice cream without colouring . I'm choose Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavour , that so delicious it and don't be disappointed about it for this brand . 

Actually this Baskin Robbins already long time around the world and got many franchise at another country included our country too and be say largest ice-cream brand it , that got many amazing flavour don't have at outside like I'm choose my flavour just now . so that really feel excellent when taste this ice-cream and promise will be back to try it again coming soon , that not too expensive already can taste pure flavour ice-cream . 

Now this time got promotion about this ice-cream from 1st September until 30th September it , so if want get extra scoop just be RM 1 only it , whatever don't be waiting too long time want try this ice-cream . So don't forget bring family or friends too visit this Baskin Robbins and try there ice-cream with a give sweetest smile .....

Baskin Robbins @ Suria Sabah
No. 1-B , First Floor ,
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall ,
88000 Kota Kinabalu ,
Sabah , Malaysia .

Sweet Moment With Ocean Travel

Travel at ocean with luxury cruise is a biggest dreams in this life , because this not just travel at ocean it , that can feel this world like in your hands when at luxury cruise it . Actually about this luxury curise got many nice relaxing place , entertaiment and greatest restaurant at this luxury cruise , if want to relaxing can be go to Spa and Jacuzzi , that is nice for people want relaxing on this luxury cruise .

About want more entertaiment can be watch  Magic Show and Live Band Performance or singing Karaoke at lounge , that will be excellent when at this luxury cruise . Finally about that cuisine it can be choose Western Cuisine or Asian Cuisine , whatever there also got Buffet too , so don't be bored it with how delicious about that all cuisine can be choose which one like be a meal . 

When during night can watch nightview at ocean and also got another activity about it , like that outdoor activity during night is Barbeque it and not too far from swimming pool . About this luxury cruise also got Basketball Court and Mini Golf  , this outdoor so nice because can be make a new friends it . So that why be more expensive then plane when go to travel , because that great serve at this cruise . That really feel excellent when travel on ocean it , about this luxury cruise also got gambling area like Slot Machine , Black Jack and Poker

What interest about this luxury cruise again ? That must be about there got sell popular product like Perfume and Souvenir , so must be visit this area and can choose  for souvenir to give family and friends , that also can keep it for all sweet moment of ocean travel .....

Friday, 1 September 2017

During Long Vacation Activity

During holiday must be have many nice plan with family or friends , don't care at our country for vacation or travel at another country for vacation this during holiday , about my plan this holiday will be with my wife for taking a rest or shopping at outside there , like just my sister-in-law and her family bring my wife and me go to swimming  pool at Penampang Sport Complex there . There place looking very nice got swimming pool and Penampang Stadium it , whatever us all direct go to swimming pool area and pay first at ticket counter there . 

That looking cheaper to pay it , adult just only RM 3.50 and children only RM 1.50 about it , maybe during holiday so bit less people to come here or some people take vacation at another place in this during holiday . There got swimming pool for adults and also got  for childrens too . 

Finally us all arrive there swimming pool , my wife and sister-in-law dircet standby go to swim it , just only me sitting at long chairs with watching them swimming because I'm getting flu it . There got notice board for people know there will be operation from 8.30 am until 7.00 pm everyday , so when got holiday or during weekend can bring family or friends to come here , I'm also got see got coach prepared swimming class for which children want to learn swimming it . I'm can imagine maybe one day they will be athletes in our country with honour it . 

About there swimming pool got note beside there at brick with 1.6 M and 1.9 M , so that can say deeper it . I'm watch that around there looking clean and safety . because always got lifeguard standby at there went got emergency , there also got canteen for sell foods and drinks , when after swimming if feel hungry and tired can be taking rest and meal in this canteen . After two hours us all at there , finally my wife and sister-in-law finish swimming and they taking rest first before us all to go home and will be come back to here again ..... 

Menu Baru Penerbangan AirAsia Iaitu Burger Inspi [ Red ]

  Hari ni saya memperkenalkan satu burger keluaran baru , tapi burger ni tiada di luar sana cuma terdapat di penerbangan pesawat  AirAs...