Sunday, 31 December 2017

Last Day For 2017 .....

Today is a New Year's Eve , what your wish in this life ? Whatever hope all the best in this 2018 and all the dreams will be come true about it . I'm Lanseikong at here wishing Happy New Year and see your again next year at same blog at here and thanks with all reader around the world always read my blog at here  , finally is however let's enjoy yourself with family and friends in this holiday will be get many interest plan for it with waiting together to Final Countdown about it tonight ....... Cheeerssss !!!

Friday, 29 December 2017

Counting Days To Final Countdown

Now prepared want to say goodbye with 2017 and welcome to 2018 , many moment be happen this year will be a history of life about it . About me Lanseikong also already five month already entry this blogging world and many things got learn about it in this life , this can be say best moment for me this year because also can be know many great blogger from Sabah and join Sabahan Blogger community , so I'm proud be Sabahan it too . That is so excellent for me be a blogger it too and will be continue blogging next year again , actually I'm not a glamour blogger it , I'm just simple lifestyle blogger will hope can give knowledge about my lifestyle and outside there .

Whatever I'm be still learn again and again about it with hope next year is a better time then this year , about who is just new blogger like me don't be give up and let's start from bottom and learn about it . How to know you is a next blogger will be join Sabahan Blogger Community ,  so that important never give up about it . About this New Year's Eve will be many plan with how to celebration and countdown it , about me will be make potluck party at home and waiting to countdown it .

That important is must take care yourself at outside when this New Year's Eve , please drive safety and don't be driving in drunk it .Another is many people will be go to beach at during Final Countdown with swimming or bathing at there because belive let's the " bad luck " gone and wishes new year is a better or lucky whole year about it . 

Finally is also got many people will be make Barbeque party at home or at beach there too , so this will be looking crowd about this final countdown , so hope happiness and joyful in this final countdown . I'm here also wishing all the best in 2018 and more life interest moment will be start in this new pages life diary , whatever together at here waiting to final contdown it .....

Friday, 22 December 2017

Dongzhi Festival @ Winter Solstice Festival

Today is Winter Solstice Festival or Dongzhi Festival , that is a Chinese people biggest festival in Lunar Calender and that is celebration every year by Chinese culture about it . This also many activity in this Dongzhi festival like making and eating Tangyuan is mean glutinous rice ball and bring symbolize reunion for Chinese culture , every family will be eat this tangyuan in this Dongzhi Festival . 

Actually Donzhi Festival also reminder that Chinese culture with year older and be should better in the coming year , this also be waiting for Chinese New Year . So how important this festival for Chinese people about it , this also got another delight cuisine in this festival like Dumpling , Abalone , Duck , Chicken and Yam Ring . About Tangyuan is also can be making and eating in colourful Tangyuan , so how excellent about this Dongzhi Festival .

Dongzhi Festival is always prefer celebrations in East Asian and another country in Southeast Asian like Vietnam , Singapore , Indonesia and Malaysia , so this Dongzhi Festival will be celebrations with family with taking feast at home or at outside . About me also celebrate this with my family with reunion feast at home that bring more happiness about it , so I'm here wishing all Chinese people at here " Happy Winter Solstice " ......

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing words more can say it , that important joyful in this life with celebration .


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Uncle Garry Recipe @ Kepayan

What is a Nasi Kerabu ? Actually this mean blue rice and very popular in Kota Kinabalu about it , this restaurant named Uncle Garry Recipes and located in Kepayan about it . This very popular with this nasi kerabu and many people will be visit this place and order it too , this is looking excellent and delicious cuisine about it too . That also many type about this nasi kerabu like a Nasi Kerabu Ayam or Nasi Kerabu Ikan , so this will be make mouthwatering with this cuisine . Whatever tey bring your family or friends to visit this Uncle Garry Recipes and tty there Nasi Kerabu , that will be never dissappinted what your choice at there and looking delicious about this cuisine too .

Actually this cuisine also can be called " kampung ala-carte " style , that is so popular too in Kelantan , so this is first time this Nasi Kerabu in Sabah . That also got another cuisine too , but people at here like to try this popular Nasi Kerabu cuisine because this looking delicious about it too . Uncle Garry Recipe will be business operation from 11am-9pm , so can be taking lunch and dinner at there too ......

Uncle Garry Recipe
Jalan Kepayan Kobusak , 
Kepayan , 
Kampung Nasohob Kohizan ,
89500 Kota Kinabalu , Sabah

Tel : +6019-8230650

Friday, 8 December 2017

Ice-Cream Feast

Today and tomorrow is a Ice-Cream Feast that is looking good news for who is love to eat ice-cream will be get cheaper price for buy this ice-cream , normally Taluwang Sdn.Bhd is make this ice-cream feast and give promotion for today and tomorrow with all people to who love ice-cream about it . That is so excellent because not always can get this promotion about ice-cream , so don't be let's chance go . I'm also lucky get try and buy this ice-cream with promotion , before have event with flight to another place in Sabah

Whatever this all ice-cream product made in Sabah , so that not sweetest and frangrance with pure flavor about it , so this ice-cream nice to eat in this hot weather about it . However this promotion will be last day tomorrow and who living near at there can be visit this ice-cream feast with bring family or friends too . So can buy with cheaper price and also can get Free Taste and also get Lucky Draw , with who get buy this ice-cream cheaper price until RM30 about it . Actually time promotion about this ice-cream at 9AM-6PM , so let's get your favourite ice-cream flavor for last day tomorrow ......

Lot 33-35 , Beverly Hills 
Industrial Commercial ,
Jalan Bundusan , 
Grand Industrial Centre , 
88300 Kota Kinabalu , 
Sabah .

Tel +6088-725720

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Whatever sharing the small dreams is a biggest present in this life ..... 


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Santa Claus Is Father Christmas

Who is a Santa Claus ? Where his true living place ? Actually Santa Claus is a idol for all childrens in this world , he is a Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas . His is real life for all people in this world with bring happiness and joyful every year in this Christmas , so this can be called a character with own history . However his also will be bring present in his beg and carry it with his flying sleigh and reindeers , like us always watching movies or television about it . Normally Santa Claus is old man with white bearer and wear red coat , black boots and belt , his beg with full present like a toys and candies inside it .

His will be give toys and candies for good attidute childrens in the world and also be give woods or charcoal for bad attitude childrens , Santa Claus also will be bring his name list about it too . However his got many Elf assistants with help him to make and prepare all present in his factory before Christmas time , about Mrs.Clause is his wife always prepared cookies and milk for him , she also take care about all Santa's reindeers too . 

Whatever where is Santa Claus living it ? About culture have believe his living in the place with always falling snow , so must be in North Pole . But some culture also believe his living in Finland , so that is interesting about it too . However that important all people around the world will be happiness and joyful to celebration about this Christmas coming soon it , I'm Lanseikong also hope can meets Santa Claus in this Christmas too ......

Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas Mood Around The Corner

Christmas mood already be starting about it , many childrens looking so happy about it because can meets Santa Claus coming soon it . That also many shopper already start shopping for prepared anything to celebrate this Christmas about it , whenever many shop also looking start busy for their business with a Christmas sales about it . Everywhere shopping mall can be start decorations with a Christmas Tree , Santa Claus and Reindeers model in the shopping mall , that also will be play Christmas song about it too . 

About many bloggers also will be start blogging about this Christmas situation at everywhere with looking around the Christmas corner about it too , any social media also will be talk about this Christmas situation . That is looking busy and also happy for bloggers or another social media about it , I'm also will be update my blog in this Christmas season and will be get many interesting story about it . 

Actually about this month is a cherish and happiness all around the world for waiting to celebrate Christmas about it , many shopping mall will be advertising about their products  and about restaurant or hotel will be start busy perpared the Christmas menu and living place for this holiday . Some people also will be get travel to another country to celebration about this Christmas with their families , so that this month is more interesting for this Winter holiday . All Childrens will be make the snowman and play throw the snow with friends about it , whatever I'm and my wife also already get first time to see that snow is falling and to touch it . When our both got to travel in South Korea before it , that is a best moment in this life too . 

However our both will be keep this best moment about it , now our both waiting to celebration about this Christmas in Sabah and feel joyful it because here can celebrate with family and friends about it . So whatever I'm know this year Christmas have meaningful for me and my wife at here and will be looking more happiness and joyful about it ........

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