Friday, 22 December 2017

Dongzhi Festival @ Winter Solstice Festival

Today is Winter Solstice Festival or Dongzhi Festival , that is a Chinese people biggest festival in Lunar Calender and that is celebration every year by Chinese culture about it . This also many activity in this Dongzhi festival like making and eating Tangyuan is mean glutinous rice ball and bring symbolize reunion for Chinese culture , every family will be eat this tangyuan in this Dongzhi Festival . 

Actually Donzhi Festival also reminder that Chinese culture with year older and be should better in the coming year , this also be waiting for Chinese New Year . So how important this festival for Chinese people about it , this also got another delight cuisine in this festival like Dumpling , Abalone , Duck , Chicken and Yam Ring . About Tangyuan is also can be making and eating in colourful Tangyuan , so how excellent about this Dongzhi Festival .

Dongzhi Festival is always prefer celebrations in East Asian and another country in Southeast Asian like Vietnam , Singapore , Indonesia and Malaysia , so this Dongzhi Festival will be celebrations with family with taking feast at home or at outside . About me also celebrate this with my family with reunion feast at home that bring more happiness about it , so I'm here wishing all Chinese people at here " Happy Winter Solstice " ......

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