Sunday, 22 April 2018

Earth Day 2018

Today is second biggest day in this world , that is Earth Day , normally this also learn how to save our world from any pollution about it . Now our must be stop this pollution from destroy any lifestyle in this world , so about this earth day that is remembering for how to loving our this world and avoid pollution it . Now many country also start join this campaign after Earth Hour , normally this earth day is held every year in April it , so this looking how wonderlust about this campaign too . 

Our must be save any wildlife in this world too from pollution about it , this is first crisis pollution in this world , so must be start to stop it now . Sometimes people will be asking what different about earth hour and earth day ? Actually that have same concept is saving this world from any pollution crisis it , so about this both campaign held in every year that is so important and teaching all around the people start to stop pollution about it too , so don't be never missed this both campaign and join together to celebrate this both campaign be held every years ......

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Tribute To Beatles

Many people still never forget about 60's popular band in this world , that must be Beatles . About this band with four talent band member , they was John Lennon , Ringo Starr , Paul McCartney and George Harrison . Normally many young lady is a fanstatic fans with a Beatles , no wonder this band until be called  ' beatlesmania ' by they fanstatic fans about it . Actually this band have many greatest song that time until now still have some people like and sing they song too , about me like they song is Hey Jude , Yellow Submarine and Elanor Rigby . Whatever they all already split long time ago , but still excellent band in the world today it . 

This band split after John Lennon killed by fanstatic fans about it , that so sad in the world after losing one talent artist in the Beatles , finally they three member split and get solo in the music industry after John Lennon dies . However this band album still got since in music industry about , now many indie band all around the world got bit with a Beatles genre , so that looking excellent about it too . Finally is however this band gone it , but they music and song still look alive about it and make our feel back to 60's year with this excellent song it .......

Thursday, 12 April 2018

How Excellent About DJI Drone

DJI Drone is a popular remote control with a CCTV about it , this is can be a toys for all adult people too when during free time , DJI drone is a normally that flight without pilot or modern techninology flight model it . Many drone type about it with different style , speed and hi- technic CCTV it , about that price for this drone also looking expensive it too with follow drone style . Now many people play this drone like a hobby when during free time and also collection it too , so who get a drone can be say be proud it too . 

That is good things for all people for doing any job too like be spying something at outside there without any people know it . Whatevet this drone more be a hobby and collection it , before this time I'm also hope get this drone coming soon it , this also looking enjoy with play this drone , many drone type also with a excellent name drone with different style it . About this drone also can be in categories " modern mini helicopter " too , this will be looking excited with play this drone . 

Finally is hope maybe one day got " drone competition " about it too and will be get more again drone player it . So whatever about this drone is good techninology in the people life about it , that also will be never make disappointed for who be a drone player in this lifestyle , how too know maybe one day I'm also can be drone player it .....

HMAS Toowoomba in Kota Kinabalu

That how excellent about Australian Navy HMAS TOOWOOMBA just be arrived at Sepanggar Base , Kota Kinabalu . That is looking so amazing about it , us all Sabahan so proud about it with Australian Navy visit our state at here and hope more foreign navy again visit this state , they also can be learn sabah culture , local food and visit interesting place too . Whatever that also hope bloggers or journalist can be meets this navy in sepanggar base , because this seldom meets foreign navy at kota kinabalu . Finally is thanks with Australian Navy coming to Kota Kinabalu for a few days at here , so I'm Lanseikong is a lifestyle blogger proud with Australian Navy come to Kota Kinabalu .... 

Welcome to KK .... HMAS TOOWOOMBA !

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Kupi-Kupi FM Concert 2018

This week got special event from Sabahan Radio Station that is Kupi-Kupi FM , about this event at KDCA during this Saturday . So don't be let's this chance go to join this event and can watch your favourite artist and radio dj about it , that also got invite artist from Indonesia , that is Kotak . So can be bring family or friends to join this event , that also can be take chance to autograph with favourite artist too . 

Whatever this also with free entrance about it for this event , this event be starting at 6pm about it . This event also be looking more happening about it , just only once time in every year too . Last year about that event also be get excited supporting from crowd about it , so this year will be more happening than last year it , about this radio station Kupi-Kupi FM also got popular in Sabah . Finally is I'm Lanseikong also support this this event too , so don't forget bring your family and friends to join this event .....

Sunday, 1 April 2018

April's Fool Day

Today is a April's Fool looking all around the world to celebrate it , normally this make a joke or fool with friends it . So let's be who will be victim of fool in this april's fool about it , whatever this is sometimes will be looking also be controversial it too about this foolish day . So must avoid for anything bad happen when make a joke or fool with friends it , actually this many teenagers like this foolish day because can trick a friends it and also will be make a laugh too when see friends get trick it . This year april's fool also looking more happening it because also is Easter Day in this weekend , so whatever enjoy yourself to celebrate this april's fool and easter day about it with feel how excellent with double celebrations it ......

Menu Baru Penerbangan AirAsia Iaitu Burger Inspi [ Red ]

  Hari ni saya memperkenalkan satu burger keluaran baru , tapi burger ni tiada di luar sana cuma terdapat di penerbangan pesawat  AirAs...