Saturday, 14 April 2018

Tribute To Beatles

Many people still never forget about 60's popular band in this world , that must be Beatles . About this band with four talent band member , they was John Lennon , Ringo Starr , Paul McCartney and George Harrison . Normally many young lady is a fanstatic fans with a Beatles , no wonder this band until be called  ' beatlesmania ' by they fanstatic fans about it . Actually this band have many greatest song that time until now still have some people like and sing they song too , about me like they song is Hey Jude , Yellow Submarine and Elanor Rigby . Whatever they all already split long time ago , but still excellent band in the world today it . 

This band split after John Lennon killed by fanstatic fans about it , that so sad in the world after losing one talent artist in the Beatles , finally they three member split and get solo in the music industry after John Lennon dies . However this band album still got since in music industry about , now many indie band all around the world got bit with a Beatles genre , so that looking excellent about it too . Finally is however this band gone it , but they music and song still look alive about it and make our feel back to 60's year with this excellent song it .......

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