Saturday, 4 August 2018

1st Anniversary

Time is gone so fast in this life , I'm don't believe already one year join in this blogging world so that is looking excellent for me in this 1st Anniversary about it , so I'm will be continue blogging again because that is looking excellent too be a blogger about it . Already one year I'm blogging about it but still looking like a newcomer because I'm still be more learning again in this blogging world , I'm also thanks to some people in this world always reading my blog at here , I'm will be try do the best again and hope more will be joyful when reading my blog coming soon it . Maybe my blog more looking simple about it but that important is can be give bit entertain when reading my this simple blog about it . I'm know many excellent blogger at outside there and will try learn something from them , if got a chance soon it . 

Whatever I'm still keep my blogging style that is more focus for " lifestyle " about it , that is blogging about my lifestyle and anything happen at outside there to . For me that so excellent be a " lifestyle blogger " about it because can be sharing anything too about lifestyle don't care at where it too , so I'm so happy be a lifestyle blogger in this life and also thanks with my wife and family always support me from behind in this blogging world , if without them support me maybe I'm can't be blogging until today here . Finally is I'm Lanseikong will be keep blogging at here and that important I'm proud myself can be a lifestyle blogger too and never forget all my blog readers at outside there and around the world too ..... 

Thanks guys !!! 

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