Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Halloween 2018

Halloween is back again this end of the month , so will be many activity waiting to join it in this celebration about it . When think about halloween must be imagine for the freaky moment , that also many people will be prepared customs for join this event end of the month . So what your favorite horror character in this halloween ? About me will be choose about " ghost pirate " character in this halloween , whatever this year halloween will be looking more happening about it too , so don't be missed to join this celebrations too . 

About think halloween also will be start to craving pumpkin about it too and put infront the house , that is also traditional in this festival . Whatever I'm like a Jack O Lantern tales in this halloween , because that is looking excellent folkore tales in lifestyle . Normally many another activity too in this festival that is divinations games , playibg pranks , visiting haunted attractions , apple bobbing and telling scary stories . Although elsewhere it is a more commercial and secular celebrations , the modern imagery of Halloween also come from many sources too . 

In this celebrations never forget about " trick-or-trick " for childrens in this Halloween , childrens will be wears halloween custome from house to house with asking for treats such candy or sometimes money too . About words " trick " implies a " threat " to perform mischief on the home owners about it , so while Disney build a the theme park haunts are by far the largest both in scale and attendance .....

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Best Flight Operations : Malaysia Airline

How the best went got dreams to travel again about it , whatever before plan to travel must be choose a best destination for vacations it , another things that must be choose a best flight for arrive at the destinations too . For me that is top best flight service must be Malaysian Airline System ( MAS ) , that is looking a professional flight class in this country with don't care about local flights or international about it . However that is looking expensive cost for flight in your destinations , but that is looking a professional service in this flight , so whatever for me as a lifestyle blogger at here will be give rated five stars about this flight systems .

Finally is MAS always in people's choice too in this lifestyle with bring a sweet memories during flight to the holiday destinations about it too , whatever after 46 years this MAS for flight operations about it , finally that change to Malaysia Airline Berhad ( MAB ) in 2015 about it . However that still a best flight operations in this country , don't care in local or international about it , so our all still support this best flight operations in this lifestyle .....

Monday, 8 October 2018

Gam Tong @ Imago

This week I'm blogging one chinese restaurant , that is also looking so popular about it too , because have many different popular cuisine at here and must be to try it . About this popular chinese restaurant is name Gam Tong , so can be bring family at here and try these cuisine about it with can be say will be never disappointed too , whatever about this restaurant also is a people's choice everytime , for me also will be give THUMB UP about this chinese restaurant . About this chinese restaurant also looking prefers for " Hong Kong Style " .

Many popular chinese cuisine at here like that picture above it , that is konlaumian with mixed ( roasted pork and roasted drumstick ) , so this looking how delicious about it and will be make mouthwatering about it too . I'm think so maybe for me not enough about it because how delicious about this cuisine , so must be try about this cuisine . 

About that second cuisine at here I'm intro today , that is a Roasted Pork Konlaumian and is non-halal cuisine about it too . Whatever that is looking delicious about this menu because seldom got to try how different this cuisine at then at outside there , so for me will be give a rated full point for this cuisine too . So if got a free time must be bring a family or friends to try walk in this chinese restaurant with try a cuisine at here and will be never make disappointed about it too , so don't be missed that chance go it too . About this restaurant location , I'm will be give information at here too .....

B-39 , Imago Shopping Mall
Phase 2 ,
Coastal Highway , 88100
Kota Kinabalu , Sabah .

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Oceanus Light Festival

Who already got to go Oceanus Shopping Mall to see Light Festival about it ? That is looking a amazing festival and first time held in Kota Kinabalu , Sabah . So don't be missed it with bring family or friends go to this light festival , that also can be bring camera too with snap a beautiful picture at this place . Normally about this light festival already begins in this 15th September until 14th October , so who not yet to go this light festival still have a time about it too and can feel how wonderful about this light festival with can keep a best memories in this life too . Time for can see this light festival is a 5 pm until 11 pm , so bring a family and friends to join this light festival . 

About me also hope this light festival will be continue next year at here again , because this also can be bring more tourist from another country can be join and see this light festival at here . That about this light festival also looking like a rainbow during night with many different color light and also different design light in this festival , so don't be missed it . About me and my wife also will be go this light festival before ends it , because this seldom have a chance to see this beautiful light festival at here . 

Normally this also will be bring more people walk in at this shopping mall got that why choose this shopping mall for this light festival , because that can see ocean view during night with accompany a beautiful light about it , for me this is a wonderful festival want first time held in Kota KInabalu , so I`m as a Sabahan very proud about it too . About entry this light festival is free entrance so this good news for all people want visit this light festival  , so really don`t be missed this chance gone with bring a sweet memory about it with a family , couple or friends ......

Monday, 1 October 2018

History Of Tsunami 2004

Tsunami is a greatest disaster in this world , that is also called " tidal wave " about it . This always happen when got earthquake about it don't care in the ocean or land , about this earthquake must be higher magnitude and will be make tsunami disaster about it . Normally about this tsunami can be killed more people about it , because that is silent killer and more people don't know this tsunami will be happen when earthquake about it . That also which country got in " ring of fire " also will be get this tsunami disaster , we all must be remember in tsunami 2004 at Indonesia that is get a history because this tsunami destroy and killed many people around 14 country about it too . We can look above that animation about tsunami 2004 how it happen and how far that can be go about it too . 

Actually tsunami is from Japanese words , that is means " harbour wave " or is called " tidal wave " . How can be save yourself and your family in this tsunami ? That is must be prepared about it when hear tsunami siren and also got to higher place like a hill or tall building about it , when at beach with got feel earthquake about it and must be prepared to run away before tsunami coming . Finally is a avoid to take a risk for watching tsunami at beach too , about history tsunami at Indian Ocean that is first time about it and never happen before this time . Last week this tsunami also happen in Palu , Sulawesi and killed many people at there , whatever let's us together pray for this tsunami victims .....

Tasty Wok @ Venition Club

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