Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Oceanus Light Festival

Who already got to go Oceanus Shopping Mall to see Light Festival about it ? That is looking a amazing festival and first time held in Kota Kinabalu , Sabah . So don't be missed it with bring family or friends go to this light festival , that also can be bring camera too with snap a beautiful picture at this place . Normally about this light festival already begins in this 15th September until 14th October , so who not yet to go this light festival still have a time about it too and can feel how wonderful about this light festival with can keep a best memories in this life too . Time for can see this light festival is a 5 pm until 11 pm , so bring a family and friends to join this light festival . 

About me also hope this light festival will be continue next year at here again , because this also can be bring more tourist from another country can be join and see this light festival at here . That about this light festival also looking like a rainbow during night with many different color light and also different design light in this festival , so don't be missed it . About me and my wife also will be go this light festival before ends it , because this seldom have a chance to see this beautiful light festival at here . 

Normally this also will be bring more people walk in at this shopping mall got that why choose this shopping mall for this light festival , because that can see ocean view during night with accompany a beautiful light about it , for me this is a wonderful festival want first time held in Kota KInabalu , so I`m as a Sabahan very proud about it too . About entry this light festival is free entrance so this good news for all people want visit this light festival  , so really don`t be missed this chance gone with bring a sweet memory about it with a family , couple or friends ......

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