Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Best Resort : Sutera Harbour

Sutera Harbour is a normally famous resort in Kota Kinabalu , this also is largest resort too with a comprising a two 5-star hotels , so no wonder this is have a largest tourist from many country will be stay at here . This resort also not far from the city and also many place of interest nearby about it , about the transport also looking so easy to get it too like a taxi or grab car , about this also get largest free car park too . So that looking can be give thumb up for this resort . 

Around the property in this resort have a many restaurant at Magellan Sutera that is a Five sails , Muffinz , Tarik's Lobby Lounge ,  Al Fresco , Frrdinand's and Spice Island , so that looking luxury restaurant with a many delights cuisine will be get here restaurant too . About at Pacific Sutera have a one chinese restaurant that is a Silk Garden and here also have one cafe will name Cafe Boleh with a international cuisine , in this cafe prepared a buffet and ala-carte . Whatever time for business operation in this cafe is for breakfast , lunch and dinner . Normally have a popular bar that is a Breeze Beach Club with serving many type alcohol in this bar and also snack foods too , so don`t be missed it to visit this bar too with enjoy yourself with family or friends .

In Pacific Sutera also got Lobby Lounge with a tastefully furnised woth comfortable sofas and armchairs for guest to enjoy a cup coffee and also be hold a casual business meetings too . Here also got a live band throught the during night , so this a great place to stay and relax about it . In this lobby also serve a wide variety of light dishes , that also can be take away from the Deli Counter . Finally is can see beautiful sunset at outside there , that looking so beautiful it . Another things is a the perfect end to a perfect day in paradise , easy say can see beautiful sunset at here can boost well-being and enchance life satisfaction , so don't be missed it to see this beautiful sunset at here . This also are unlike anywhere else at outside there and this also is evident in every sunaet at here , so whatever this is a the story behind the sunset must be at here Sutera Harbour ......

Thursday, 15 November 2018

AFF Suzuki Cup 2018

Soccer fever is back again , already end of World Cup campaign 4 month ago and now start with AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 . About this soccer campaign only for all ASEAN country only , whatever this looking so excellent too about this soccer campaign , because this will be know who the best Asean country in this soccer campaign . So really don't be missed it , and which country will be champions ? However for me will be support my country Malaysia will be looking champions in this competition too , whatever this looking many another country also is excellent too like a Philippines and Indonesia . About this two country looking have a chance will be go far in this competition too , because Indonesia have a many great player about it and Philippines is have a former England manager ,that is a Sven Goran Eriksson , so this both country will be looking bit dangerous too . Finally  is about this competition also will be end of next month too , so let's together support which your country in this competition and this also must be proud with the country hero in this competition too . About this competition also can watch at internet channel broadcast and that up to which  country internet channel broadcast for make this live competition .....

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Small Cosy Restaurant : Outskirts Eatery

This time I'm blogging about always people`s choice restaurant in Penampang , this restaurant is looking with many delight cuisine will be prepared at here too . so don`t be missed that chance with bring family or friends come to here with taste how delicious about this all cuisine at here , about this restaurant name is a Outskirts Eatery with normally based in Penampang not far from Putatan area too . Maybe someone already got walk-in to try there cuisine , so will be know where this restaurant location too . About this owner is a Sabahan Youtuber Adam Shamil and Casey Jovial is a chairman Mr.Kaamatan Sabah , so there both is looking so excellent about it with opening this restaurant , so don't be let's opportunity gone for dine at this cosy small restaurant about it . In this restaurant too got many delight Western cuisine and also tradisional cuisine will be waiting for taste it .  

Many customers will be looking enjoy they food on this restaurant , because have a friendly staff with good customer service about it too . So this a best idea with bring family or friends to stay and enjoy dine at here , for me will be taste there cuisine at there coming soon too .Whatever that how amazing is I'm as lifestyle blogger can be meet a famous Sabahan Youtuber at here too , so coming soon with a great story about it . Normally this restaurant also already got many local artist come to take a dine at here too , so can be say how amazing about this restaurant . Finally is a about that interior designation about this restaurant is also looking so unique about it , that can feel relax and looking smooth scene in the heart . Whatever must be try to visit about cosy small restaurant so don't be missed it  , can be taking dine at here also can autograph and taking picture with this famous Sabahan Youtuber too .....

Saturday, 10 November 2018

What Is A Black Friday ?

Hi , I'm back at here again , this time I'm will be blogging about Black Friday will be happen in this month . About that that date is a 23rd November every year as the beginning of the country Christmas Shopping Season about it too , maybe some people will be still thinking what is a black friday ? Normally that is can be say a big sales at everywhere for make prepared celebrations christmas next month about it too , that looking more cheaper when during shopping time too , so that is a good news for all shopholics in this black friday . That also been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005 , although news reports , which at that time were inaccurate . about this also can be as busiest shopping day of the year for a much longer period time . The earliest evidence of the phrase black friday applied to the day after Thankgiving in a shopping context suggests about it too . Normally have a been attempts by retailers with origins in the United states to introduce a retail black friday to other countries around the world , this also after the last major holiday before Christmas , it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season . Sometimes this shopping day with a retail sales for the full holiday season is quite weak and may even be negative .

This also majority retailers will be open very early as early as overnight hours too with a offer promotional sales , the news media have a long described the day after thanksgiving as the busiest shopping day of the year , for example black friday ranked from fifth to tenth on the list of busiest shopping day with the last saturday  before Christmas usually taking first place . In order to take advantage of this virtually all retailers in the country big and small offer various sales including limited amounts to doorbuster items to entice traffic , the news media usually give heavy play to reports this shopping season and their implications for the commercial success about it too .....

Delicious Curry House @ Taman Ridgeview

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