Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Liang Sandwich Bar @ Imago

When shopping in Imago Shopping Mall , must be try to visit this KIOSK with try there sandwich at there and different then another sandwich at outside there . This also have many different sandwich ingredients about it with can choose which one your favorite it too , when taste it that feel delicious it and different with another sandwich always eat in this life . Whatever this sandwich bar name is a LIANG and so popular with this sandwich it , many people also will be like this sandwich , however that bit expensive about this sandwich but that important is can be try a nice food in this life . 

In this sandwich bar also have a many experinces crew to make this all sandwich , so no wonder this sandwich bar . Normally this unique sandwich so popular in Taiwan and this popular unique sandwich from there country too , for me will be choose a " Chicken Bolognese Sandwich " because this fragrance with a bolognese in this sandwich . when look that truly when they make this sandiwich like a waffle style but bit different it , sometimes that is can be pan cake categories too , however this a Taiwanese popular food in Sabah and also Malaysia . So now don't need flight to Taiwan try this unique sandwich again .

Finally is can be rated five star about this unique sandwich and looking delicious about it too , so when go to shopping must be visit this sandwich bar and not disappointed about this taste too . Whatever don't be missed it bring family and friends to join taste this unique sandwich at Liang Sandwich Bar at Imago Shopping Mall , about that location for this sandwich bar will be get below about it too ......

Imago Shopping Mall , 
Basement Floor ,
SPK B-05 , 
Kota Kinabalu , 
Sabah .

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Wonderful Christmas Celebration

Ho ... Ho .... Ho .... Today is a Christmas will be get many activities at outside with family and friends too , whatever I'm Lanseikong at here wishing all people around the world at here MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR . Today in this christmas I'm blogging must be all about christmas at here , about this festive will be bring joyful and happiness too with family and friends , about childrens also will be looking happy with them presents it . 

What your christmas activites today with family and friends ? About me prepared Christmas breakfast at home and enjoy it with family , so this is a nice plan in this christmas morning it . Normally now also looking raining at outside , so this is a chilled Christmas celebrations too , about my christmas wishes is a healthy always and hope maybe coming soon christmas can meets real Santa Claus ... hehe . Maybe this a crazy dreams only but howhere this crazy dreams come true right ? In this world always have miracle so don't be disappointed too , finally now is continue a happiness life journey in this festive and for me this is a so meaningful celebration in this life .....


Saturday, 15 December 2018

First Fastfood Franchise In Malaysia : Jollibee

Today got another fastfood grand opening in Sabah and also is a first franchise in Malaysia too , so whatever I'm also thanks to Jollibee to invite me for join this soft grand opening today . Normally this fastfood franchise is
from Philippines and looking very popular at there country too , so must be try there fastfood and will be never disappointed about this taste , for me also can be give THUMB UP for this fastfood franchise . About this fastfood franchise normally that not same like another fastfood franchise in Malaysia , here got many choice to for any fastfood at here . So really must be to try it with bring family and friends to come this fastfood franchise , so that time can be rated how delicious about this fastfood by yourself it . That also people will be like this fastfood franchise , for me will be come back again at here for enjoy taking that fastfood and hope Jollibee will be get many franchise at here like a another fastfood franchise in Sabah and Malaysia . Finally is I'm got snap photo about this grand opening about Jollibee in Sabah , about that location is a Centre Point Sabah , so don't be missed it ......

" Jollibee Mascot " 

" opening speech "

" free meal for customers "

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Christmas's Mood Is Back

This month is looking more joyful and happiness for all people around this world , because Christmas's mood is back again for waiting to celebrations this festival about it . Whatever never forget about a popular figure in the christmas must be a Santa Claus , so that is looking so excellent for this celebrations too . About a Santa Claus also as known a " Father Christmas " in this festival , his always looking joyful with carring a beg with a full presents for all childrens with looking a good behaviour about it in this world . About me like a Santa Claus story because this looking a great legend and history in this life , whatever must be never forget too about his Flying Reindeers for pull the sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Claus deliver gifts to childrens on Christmas Eve . 

What your wishes at Christmas this year ? However that important is a looking cheering with full happiness in this celebrations with a family and friends about it , about me this year will be make different Christmas celebrations with my wife and family through with joyful and happiness . Finally is the people looking around the world will be start bit busy for prepared this festival , when start to shopping as the day following Christmas day .....

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