Monday, 30 October 2017

The Signature Food Fest 2017 - Edition Awards

Tomorrow night is a The Signature Food Fest 2017 edition awards , that is be held at Grandis Hotel And Resorts , that is looking so amazing about this food fest with many excellent food from many restaurant and hotel to join this competition , which hotel or restaurant will be get awards tomorrow night ? Many people will be waiting this result about it include me too , that is also got many bloggers and another social media will be attend this edition awards too . Whatever thanks to Mr.Alfred Allen ( meja rasa kk ) is organizer in this The Signature Food Fest , that is looking so amazing about it and don't forget our Sabahan Blogger and also cum " blogger's judge " in this food fest , must be is Curios Traveller .

That will be start at 6pm tomorrow it , so that will be more happening in this edition award about it , this year got eight catergories award will be waiting for who will be bring back this to go home about it . About this all awards will be made the highlight for this food fest , can be followed below there about this eight categories awards . 

1) best signature menu
2) best ambiance
3) best customer service
4) outstanding chef 
5) best plate presentation
6) facebook most popular
7) blogger's choice awards
8) most fun best awards 

Whatever I'm Lanseikong at here wishing all participants good luck about tomorrow this edition awards in The Signature Food Fest 2017 , I'm at here also proud about it because got many excellent hotel and restaurant got how make delicious foods in Sabah .....

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Colour Of Relations - Segment ( Part II )

Hi , everybody ... 

Today " Colour Of Relations " Segment is back again at here in this second weeks . I'm here to thanks with all friends at outside there , who to join this segment . Whatever today I'm be announced name list join this segment and who will be " segment winner " in this 11st November ..... 

1) curious traveller

2) our story dadie
3) niakharudinblog
4) ronald mohoni
5) naikin kami followers aktif 
6) elevastrucutre
7) infinitehappinesshacks 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Prepared For Halloween

Halloween will be held end of the month , so many people will be start to prepared themself for Halloween about it , about this festival is so amazing it with any customs for this festival and also with choose any horror character about it . About that popular tales is must be Jack O Lantern , many childrens will be loved this halloween tales until now . 

This is from a lazy farmer named Stingy Jack always drunk and also his got many trick in his life and trick the devil after many time that devil want take his soul to hell , finally that devil keep his promise never take Stingy Jack forever it when his let's the devil go away from his traps . 

Finally Stingy Jack is dies , his went on the way go to heaven , but that heaven not allowed him go inside it . So his don't have choice and finally his go to hell , but that devil keep that promise don't take his soul forever it . Finally his soul so affaid and walk in the dark without light in the night , suddenly the devil give him hellfire and put in lantern for the light when during night it . So finally Stingy Jack be a restless soul on the earth and find path to going home . 

So every years end of the month October , will be remember that tales it and celebrate this festival . Every childrens will be bring basket will go another home and knock it that door will be say " tricks or treats " with that house owner when open the door it , so this is tradisional for this festival . This festival so happening at anywhere , about adult also will be celebrate it at disco or pub with them wears beautiful customs it . 

When at home will be craving the pumpkins for this Halloween about it and will be put infront that gate will a candle inside this pumpkins . Sometimes this also got competitions for craving the pumpkins , who that pumpkina will be looking more creative and will announced winner in this competitions . About me will be like a " Edward Scissorhands " character in this Halloween , because this character looking very beautiful about it .......

Monday, 23 October 2017

Interview With Internet Radio Creator

Many popular internet radio already long time since it in this world , what is that mean internet radio ? Actually this radio just only use internet for " on air " about it at everywhere , so that is different then frequency radio about it . Normally I'm got interview with one internet radio owner at here , his is looking so great it with since it this internet radio and entertain all their listener about it . This internet radio named XampungFM , it since from 2010 until now and many people already know this internet radio . Actually this internet radio is from Sabah , so that is very proud it because Sabah got a popular internet radio it . 

This internet radio owner is named Aling Chin , so very proud it have this man since internet radio in Sabah . Before start interview with this internet radio owner , must will be thanks with him because his don't care about this interview , actually Aling Chin is looking nice person it too . So let's follow this interview about me with this internet radio owner Aling Chin at below there ......

Lanseikong : Hi , sir who give idea about this internet radio since about it with sir ? 

Aling Chin : We learn something new in this life and with many internet radio already since in this world and that is great can knowledge with new things in this life .

Lanseikong : Sir , have think about this internet radio change to frequency radio coming soon ?

Aling Chin : Normally this also have a dreams want be too with step by step , but now is a era-modern world . So many internet radio will be quit by step by step too .

Lanseikong : Who is a dj in this internet radio now ?

Aling Chin : Actually many dj in this internet radio and also got segment too . But now just be use auto-dj in this internet radio . 

Lanseikong : What music and song will be  prefer play at XampungFM ? Chinese , Malay or English ? 

Aling Chin : This internet radio always play local music and songs like SABAHAN  , but sometimes also will be play international music and songs too .

Lanseikong : XampungFM already how many years already since it in this entertainment arena ? 

Aling Chin :  XampungFM since in 2010 and be active in 2012 until now . 

Lanseikong : thanks you sir for join this interview .

Aling Chin : Welcome .....

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Colour Of Relations - Segment ( Part I )

Hi , welcome to " Colour Of  Relations " segment and also will be held every Saturday ( 21st Oct-11th Nov ) . Actually this is first time I'm do this segment .Whatever I'm also will be announced this " segment winner " with  random number  , so don't be let's that chance go . How to know that is your turn be a " segment winner " ...

1) Just be copy banner segment Colour Of Relations in your Instagram . see how many like it ?

2) Follow instagram @lanseikong and like all pictures at there instagram

3) Blogger lanseikong is got attend The Social Media Affairs 2017 ? ( true / false )

4) just be blogwalking in Lanseikong's blog and comments it 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Travel Review : Moment In Peninsular 2015

When I'm see that all picture will be remember back when go to vacation at Peninsular for 10 days at there with my wife , that many interesting place us both to visit it in Kuala Lumpur like Avenue K , Petronas Twins Tower , Sunway Pyramid and also another state is Perak . That is so meaningful vacation for us both , because this is my first time go to travel with my wife at there , so that can say joyful and also many memories travel at there . Whatever just hope will be travel at there again coming soon , maybe next destination for vacation is a Johor and want visit there Legoland

Actually I'm and my wife also use public transportion like KTM and LRT for all destination it , about that price for use that transportion be cheaper it . So that no problem went to go destination it and be safety arrived it , about that food destination my wife will be choose at Sunway Pyramid because want meets long time no see her best friends at there . There many cafe and restaurant with a great cuisine will be make mouthwatering about it , whatever just choose Tony Roma for taking lunch and meets her best friends at there . That so excellent it because can see Sunway Lagoon from this restaurant , so I'm quick take my digital camera and snap that picture about it , Actually Sunway Lagoon is a famous water theme park in Asia , many local or tourist will be visit this theme park during weekends or holiday . 

About we next destination is a Avenue K that is one popular shopping mall it and also is near Petronas Twins Tower , that is looking so amazing it because my dreams is come true for looking this greatest tower in the world . That is really beautiful about this tower and I take out my camera again and with standing under that tower to snap that picture about that tower , but that time I'm not yet be blogger again so never be start blogging about this amazing tower . 

Finally is my wife's best friends bring our go to visit Perak , that is can be say is a " Chinatown " because there majority is a Chinese people living at this state . About there foods also looking so cheaper and delicious it until will be make mouthwatering it , there many old shop and old building about it so that is have great history about this state . Actually I'm is like history so this place is nice for me if want know many histroy it , about that food destination at there must be Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong , this is old coffee shop at there and always looking full house with many customer to come here . 

Because there foods is looking not expensive too and also got many choice can be to choose it for meal , so no wonder why many customer will be stay at this coffee shop for lunch or teatime about it . Whatever I'm and my wife is so lucky can eat how cheaper and delicious foods at this coffee shop , so very thanks with her best friends bring us both to try how delicious foods at this coffee shop , actually too Perak also famed with " Ipoh White Coffee " . That so very frangrance about it , so my wife got buy two packet and bring back to Sabah for taste it .....

Avenue K

Petronas Twins Tower

Tony Roma ( Sunway Pyramid )

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Sabahan Blogger

Actually today I'm blogging about popular community in the Sabah , that was be Sabahan Blogger , this looking all bloggers from Sabah got talent it . About me so happy and proud at here because invite to join this community , because I'm also blogger from Sabah . What interesting about this community ? That is got have event at anywhere and also got own uniform with Sabahan Blogger logo , that so amazing about this community . Actually I'm is still newbie too in this community and blogging world with proud have a popular bloggers as a friends . Whatever I'm still learning from bottom it , because I'm not professional about blogging it but I'm never give up about it too . Normally I'm not prefer in English , but like people say " practice is make perfect " it , whatever this community is can be say is my home and family . 

I'm here also thanks with my community to invite me to join The Social Media Affairs 2017 last week ago , so make me more experience about this all , so I'm hope can join again any event with another bloggers from this community . before I'm stop blogging at here , if who at outside is a blogger from Sabah can be join our this Sabahan Blogger community at here with copybase that banner at over there . That also can find this community at this website , that will be know more story about this community . About this time Sabahan Blogger already got 36 bloggers to join this community , so that is excellent it . Finally that is proud be blogger from Sabah , about this community got motto too with " Di Bawah Bayu , Kami bersatu " , this motto always give supporting for all bloggers .

About me is just called Lanseikong that is my blogger name , actually is that mean " better be silent " or " proud to be silent " . Whatever I'm is a people seldom talk to much , so better be silent . that is why I'm choose be lifestyle blogger , because I'm want blogging about  my lifestyle everyday about this . Maybe not too interest about it , whatever that important can share to all about my lifestyle in this blog always and also thank you to all reader with views my blog everytime . If I'm have forget put another bloggers at here , please forgive me and I'm will be update this article coming soon again ..... Thanks you ! 

List Of Sabahan Blogger 


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes picture will be get more thousand words and many secret of meaning it .

             Today is WORDLESS ......

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Pulau Batu Hairan : The Mysterious Island

Many people will be know about one popular history in this Sabah . This also amazing about new island rise up from the ocean , then it would sink back under the ocean and disappeared it , that many local people shock when get this news from local fishermens about it . This new island rise up and emerged in 1988 and sink back in 1990 , I'm know that year be happen , l'm just still children it . So don't know that will be happen again about this island will be rise up again ? If really be happen it , I'm will be go there to take a chance watch it . 

Local people called this new island Pulau Batu Hairan . that also give lucky to all people living in Kudat . Actually this not far about it and is a next to the east side of Pulau Banggi , this also looking so beautiful with a full of corals it . Whatever if want more information about this mysterious island , can be saw a book named Sabah Museum And Archives Journal . That is published by Sabah State Museum , this also got six pages in this journal with a title Pulau Batu Hairan - The Birth Of A New Island .

About when this island rise up from the ocean , got many decomposed marine fauna like fish , lobster and another benthic animals again caught by the fishermens about it . Whatever this give insights how about mud volcano activity will be related to the formation of the new island ......

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Chocolate Wafer Of Pleasure

Actually , we now be choose and share our chocolate wafers as a family it , when I and my wife will be share and joyful taste this wafer without any squabbles too . Seriously this Cloud 9 Wafret Twins is our favourite too , when during at home with sharing and treats it . Cloud 9 Wafret Twins is a chocolate wafer with pure chocolate coated and delicate vanilla cream too , bite it and individually wrapped it so that possibly going wrong ? 

Whatever it's during weekend or holiday , we we will be spend our time to shopping to find our favourite treats like Cloud 9 Wafret Twins at supermarket , that is a nice one treats we can catch up with each others life and will stay connected with one another too . How many times you enjoy with this Cloud 9 Wafret Twins together it and have also individual too ? 

- torn the pack 
- tasting that wafer 
- enjoy that crispy sound
- feel how excellent it 

So that is available at any supermarket or hypermarket it , for me when at home and will be spending my time with my wife to sharing our favourite treats too must be Cloud 9 Wafret Twins about it , whatever this is will be favourite treats in our life together it .

This also got another flavour it that is Chocolate Coated With Chocolate Creams that is looking delicious it too and will be make mouthwatering when taste about this wafer , whatever we also got buy this wafer too because my wife is a chocolate lover it . So she will be choose this too , about me also can be taste another flavour it and feel enjoy taste with this wafer , whenever this Cloud 9 Wafret Twins will be in our heart always ......

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is a Mid-Autumn Festival , so all Chinese people will be busy to prepared all things for celebrate this festival tonight . About childrens be waiting to play lantern tonight with friends and relatives it , that many delicious foods will be prepared for it like fruits , mooncakes , sweet soup , snacks and chinese tea for celebrate it with family , relatives and friends . When i'm think back when childhood will be so happy about this festival because can play lantern and eat many mooncakes it , so when I'm now already adult and married will be still continue celebrate it with prepared mooncakes to eat with my wife it because this is a Chinese tradisional will be still keep since it . 

Whenever that only simple to celebrate that important be happiness and joyful it in this festival , we buy mooncake at supermarket Pick N Pay to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival tonight it . This also not expensive too about that mooncake at there and can say fast out of stock about it , so we buy this can be say this last stock at there , whatever that can say we so lucky it can still buy last stock about this mooncakes about it . 

Now I'm and my wife to taking dinner first before to cutting that mooncakes for celebrate together it . Whatever tonight all Chinese people will be happiness and joyful to celebrate it like me and my wife at here , I'm at here as a lifestyle blogger to wishing once more time again to all Chinese people " Happy Mid-Autumn Festival " at here with happiness and healthy always .....

Homemade Mooncakes ( Part II )

Many homemade mooncake my sister made it for this Mid-Autumn Festival , when I'm see my sister homemade mooncakes picture sent in our family whatsapp group make me be mouthwatering about that mooncakes . That is so excellent about it , so that homemade mooncake can be at sell at supermarket too , before this time I'm already blogging my sister homemade mooncake (part I ) about it so can preview back for this . This time I'm blogging about she homemade mooncake ( part II ) it , that bit different that before it . 

So can be see above that and will be know this time homemade mooncakes bit different it and also creative too , when i'm looking that picture this homemade mooncakes really can be sell at outside too . So if got a chance coming soon I'm too will be order my sister homemade mooncakes and be taste it too will be feel how that pure homemade mooncakes about it . 

If who want buy this homemade mooncakes will be never disappointed about it , because hard to find and taste how excellent about this homemade mooncakes . Actually this homemade mooncakes is also can be less sugar and also can choose what flavour want it when outside hard to find your favourite mooncakes flavour it , so this is different about homemade mooncakes then mooncakes at outside . 

That also can sharing with family , relatives and friends about this homemade mooncakes in this Mid-Autumn Festival with open air altar to facing moon with eating mooncakes and more feel happiness and joyful it . So I'm at here wishing " Happy Mid-Autumn Festival " to all Chinese people in this festival ....

Monday, 2 October 2017

Upperstar @ Suria Sabah

When today I'm taking leave with my wife to go shopping at Suria Sabah , because want to buy us both jacket before travel to South Korea next month , time is going so fast about it so our both must prepared that all things before travel it .Whatever I'm and my wife to shopping it , that never forget to find food destination want taking lunch it , finally us both choose Upperstar in this shopping mall for taking lunch it . After us arrive in this restaurant and be order us both lunch meal about it , Upperstar is can be say people's choice always is food destination it . 

My wife order Chicken Chop and Ice Lemon Tea , about me will be choose my favourite treats , that is must be Baked Cheese Pasta and Coke . That is looking so delicious and also excellent about us lunch meal today , us also enjoy watching YouTube at there with taking meal one another it . So that is can be say " people's choice " about it , that no wonder why many customer and about that price also not too expensive about it . 

Finally after us finish taking meal , my wife order Ice-Cream and Chocolate Smoothie for us dessert after lunch it , whatever this restaurant have that own class with the customer service is not bad it . So I'm proud and enjoy taking lunch at Upperstar with my wife today , whatever I'm will be bring my wife to come here again it . 

Baked Cheese Pasta

Chicken Chop 

Chocolate Smoothie


This is us both lunch menu today and feel so excellent it with that all what us both order it , so I will be rated five stars for Upperstar about it . This place too can be relaxing for stay back with them play smooth songs it , my wife too also like this place so no wonder why many people will be at here , about me as a blogger also will be blogging this place again coming soon .....

G35 , Suria Sabah , 
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens ,
88000 Kota Kinabalu ,
Sabah , Malaysia .

Tel : 088487223

Sunday, 1 October 2017


Oktoberfest is still running in this month , it is a largest beer festival will be held in late September until first weekend October , that is a 16 to 18 days about this festival . This festival too is held annually in Munich , Germany so this a very important part of Bavarian culture in this country , another country also will be hold this Oktoberfest celebrations it . 

All drinkers will be meeting theirs friends will all these criteria with enjoy and that is called Oktoberfest Beer , normally this oktoberfest beer be annual registered trademark with only consists of the six breweries it . 

- Lowenbrau
- Hofbrau Munchen
- Augustiner Brau
- Paulaner
- Hacker Pschorr Brau
- Spatenbrau 

This Oktoberfest is also called Volkfest that is means " people's fair " in the world . Every year the visitors eagerly to await and see how many strokes the mayor needs to use the first beer flows it , the beer mugs in the tents did not have any company logo of that breweries . About this beer tent too got one famous song and will be play at there too , that song in beer tent is " Ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit " that is means " A toast to cheer and good times " . So this song will be several times to play with invite the visitors to toast and drink about it ......

Tasty Wok @ Venition Club

Memang syiok kalau mendapat menjejaki tempat makan yang hebat ni , tsmpat ni memang merupakan ada kelas sendiri dan merupakan sebuah kelab y...