Saturday, 22 September 2018

Jelly Homemade Mooncake

This year I'm blogging again my sister homemade mooncake , this time she make different then last year . Can be see that picture above it , my sister homemade mooncake this year that is " Jelly Homemade Mooncake " about it and many different flavors about it too , so that will be make mouthwatering about it too . About my favorite about this homemade mooncake was be " Mango Flavor " because that fragrance with pure mango it , so I'm hope this year can be try my sister this homemade mooncake . About another flavors that is " chocolate " and " yam " so must be to try it this Jelly homemade mooncake . 

So I'm know that never be make disappointed about this homemade mooncake , what this must be keep in the refrigerator for cold always because that is jelly mooncake . If so cold about this Jelly mooncake will be nice to taste and feel like a dessert too , so for me seldom got try about jelly mooncake at outside there , so that jelly homemade mooncake looking excellent about it and looking will be people'choice about it . I'm also know my sister have a own regular customers to make order about this jelly homemade mooncake for celebration in this Monday coming soon it . 

Whatever I`m also celebrate about this mooncake festival too and will be looking more happening about it , for me this year looking will be more better and joyful in this festival . About me and my wife don`t have any special celebration in this mooncake festival except eating mooncake together with watching beautiful moon in the night for make celebration about it , so I'm Lanseikong at here wishing all chinese people at here " Happy Mooncake Festival "  with more joyful and happiness in this life .....

Monday, 17 September 2018

My Wife Homecook Steam Drumstick With Different Recipes

How delicious my wife cook this steam drumstick about it at home , this also my favorite in my life about steam chicken or steam drumstick , she use own recipes for cook this steam drumstick . Normally about this steam drumstick is looking fragrance with Serai and no salt , so this very nice for health too . I`m here be give THUMB UP for my wife this home cooking , actually too she just use Maggie sauce and sesame oil for cook this steam drumstick and include Serai about it too , so about this menu is looking different then another it  . When i`m taste this and can be eat more rice about it , so that can be think how delicious about my wife this home cooking , she also got own recipe for another menu at home too that is Curry Chicken , so next time i`m will be blogging my wife another home cooking that is about Curry Chicken . Normally my wife is like cooking , so I`m looking she also got talent about cooking , whatever I`m here also will be always support my wife .

About She Curry Chicken recipe , I`m also will be blogging coming soon when she cook this menu  , that home cook also looking delicious it too because I`m already got try my wife recipe about this Curry Chicken . She also use own recipes for home cooking about this Curry Chicken , about this menu also looking different then outside about it , why I`m say like it ? because she have a secret recipe for cooking about this Curry Chicken , so whatever coming soon I`m will be blogging my wife this menu at here too . So I`m very lucky have a wife is a cooking talent too , so I`m here looking happy and thanks to my wife because cook for me at home .....

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Remember The Day : 11th September 2001

Today is a remember day of World Trade Center after attack by terrorist in 11th September 2001 , so this around the world will be remember about that day until today about it . Whatever about this attacks is killed 2,996 people about it , that is very sad news for this world because losing many living about it , so this remember the day is important for remember what happen in this world now . That attacks from four airlines when hijacked by terrorist , about two of planes crashed into the North and South towers of World Trade Center . Another planes agains crashed into Pentagon and Washington D.C outside , that is a third plane and fourth plane . Normally this is a black history in United State , so every year all citizen at there will be remember that day , finally that make National September 11 memorial And Museum in New York , about that Pentagon Memorial in Arlington County and Flight 93 national Memorial in a field at Stonycreek Township , so that all is a remember the day place . Aftermath of the 911 attack many things already be change it . Whatever all people in this world will be remember about this history , so I`m Lanseikong is a lifestyle blogger at here also will be remember the day about it too

About aftermath that cleanup of the World Trade Center site was complete in May 2002 and that towers collapse also became known " Ground Zero " , the rescue workers also use that phrase " The Pile ", referring to the pile of rubble that was left after the buildings collapsed . The New York Mayor urged that the " ground zero " moniker be retired and saying " the times has come to call those 16 acres what they are The World Trade Center and the National September 11th Memorial and Museum " . That starting 11th March 2002 got eighty-eight searchlight were installed and arranged to form two beams of light shooting straight up into the sky , this is called the Tribute In Light and was originally lit every day at dusk until 14th April 2002 .....

Friday, 7 September 2018

Sunway Lagoon : Night Of Fright

This month got a biggest event in Sunway Lagoon about that is a Night Of Fright is back again at here and will haunting all people to visit this events at Sunway Lagoon , so already standby facing this scariest in this life . Whatever don`t be missed it to join this events . About this got two promotions that is promotions 1 and promotions 2 , so really don`t be missed it . that also got four scare zones is haunted Shipwreck . Jampi Asian Rituals , Killer Scarecrows and Tanah Puaka . so this four scare zones must be visit it and face the scariest about it 

- Jampi is path of asian witches chanting mantra and performing rituals 
- killer Scarecrows is a who scare the crows , but they also can kill
- Tanah Puaka is a crused land and walk carefully , but don`t be get caught it
- Haunted Shipwreck is a land of dead pirates is searching for haunted treasures

about this events also got dining at there like a Nestle Ice Cream , Scream Cafe , Captain Jack , Block 666 , Wild Bitez and Bloody Food Street , so must be find and try your favorite food at there and don't be missed it too . There also got merchandise in this events so can be try to visit it too , about merchandise at there like a Horror House , Horror Cabin , Evil Dead Stall , Pirates Cove and Horror Push Cart , so that looking excellent about this events . In this event still got many scariest place must be entry it , whatever don't forget bring your family or friends to join this Night of Fright in this September until October , so time for facing a scariest in this life ..... 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Planning For Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

  • Tomorrow is our special day that is 3rd Wedding Anniversary so that is looking great for me and my beloved wife about it , because that is so meaningful for our on this life . Now our planning how to celebrate this wedding anniversary together , whatever I'm have plan myself that is will be cook a delicious cuisine for my beloved wife in this wedding anniversary and also have another surprise for her . In our this wedding long time knots together , our have bad memories and sweet memories still together walk in front without give up in our this wedding knots . So why this very meaningful for me and my beloved wife , just only God be knows it . About my cooking menu for our wedding anniversary must be Western cuisine , because my beloved wife is looking like eat so I'm be do a best in my cooking style without disappointed her in this anniversary dinner . About this 3rd wedding anniversary that for me and my beloved wife will be continue celebrate in next year our wedding anniversary again and will be hope better planning again , so whatever now our now focus to celebrate our tomorrow wedding anniversary first , so hope tomorrow our wedding anniversary will be looking more happiness and joyful about it , so tomorrow is our special day and meaningful in this life .....

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Prepared To Celebrate Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival will be coming soon , so now many people will be looking busy now to find mooncake for their family and relatives , so that looking will be happening about it . About me also will be prepared for it coming soon , that is also looking Chinese culture too . Now mooncake have many flavors type , so many people have many choices to choose it . About me like a lotus double yolk because that fragrance with a lotus , so that never disappointed about it with that flavors . That also have homemade mooncake too and that different then outside it , about homemade mooncake is looking sometimes not sweetest and also healthy it , normally my sister also make homemade mooncake for selling to her customers and give to family too , so I'm will be waiting to try my sister homemade mooncake about it too . Whatever this year mooncake festival is looking will be more happening about it so for all Chinese friends at outside , let's together waiting to celebrate this festival it . About mooncake all can be choose homemade mooncake or factory mooncake for this festival coming soon it .

about this mooncake festival is have three meanings with thatclosely connected , that is about Gathering , Thanksgiving and Praying , so that that traditions and myths surrounding the festival about this three concepts . Although traditions have changed over time due to changes in techonolgy, science , economy , culture and religion .it`s about well being together . this festival too with atime enjoy the successful reaping of rice and wheat with food offerings made in honor of the moon .When eating mooncake and watch the moon , that is symbol of harmony and unity . About sharing mooncakes is one of hallmark traditions of this festival . Normally in chinese culture with a round shape symbolizes completeness and reunion , so about the senior person in that household would cut that mooncakes into pieces with a signifying family reunion ..... 

Saturday, 4 August 2018

1st Anniversary

Time is gone so fast in this life , I'm don't believe already one year join in this blogging world so that is looking excellent for me in this 1st Anniversary about it , so I'm will be continue blogging again because that is looking excellent too be a blogger about it . Already one year I'm blogging about it but still looking like a newcomer because I'm still be more learning again in this blogging world , I'm also thanks to some people in this world always reading my blog at here , I'm will be try do the best again and hope more will be joyful when reading my blog coming soon it . Maybe my blog more looking simple about it but that important is can be give bit entertain when reading my this simple blog about it . I'm know many excellent blogger at outside there and will try learn something from them , if got a chance soon it . 

Whatever I'm still keep my blogging style that is more focus for " lifestyle " about it , that is blogging about my lifestyle and anything happen at outside there to . For me that so excellent be a " lifestyle blogger " about it because can be sharing anything too about lifestyle don't care at where it too , so I'm so happy be a lifestyle blogger in this life and also thanks with my wife and family always support me from behind in this blogging world , if without them support me maybe I'm can't be blogging until today here . Finally is I'm Lanseikong will be keep blogging at here and that important I'm proud myself can be a lifestyle blogger too and never forget all my blog readers at outside there and around the world too ..... 

Thanks guys !!! 

Jelly Homemade Mooncake

This year I'm blogging again my sister homemade mooncake , this time she make different then last year . Can be see that picture abov...