Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tribute For MH370

Already four years about vanishing of Malaysian Airlines MH370 , until now still don't have any clue about where this plane missing it ? Many people still waiting the truth about this plane with bring 270 people on board be vanishing in the midnight . This plane is looking excellent with high class system and how be suddenly vanishing it , many question about this how be happen it ? Whatever our hope one day can be find this plane's body and will be know what happen it .

Some people theory about this plane flight into Wormhole and already at another world , but think back that impossible too will be happen it . Normally just only 270 people on board that during time will be know what happen it , now all Search And Rescue must be take a time to plannig back with continue to find this plane missing . All victims family and friends still get hope can be know the truth one day , so whatever this month is a Tribute To MH370 will always remembering all the victims . 

Finally is wishing can be find this plane missing , the author Robert Quest already wrote the book The Vanishing Of Flight MH370 . Maybe some already got read this book too , this book is almost with a story how to find plane missing it , so this is looking a excellent book must be to read about it too .....


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

100th Year Celebration : Sabah Tourism Building

This Friday got special event in Kota Kinabalu about it , that is about Sabah Tourism Building with 100th Year Celebration with many activities also for public citizen , that also will be looking excellent about it too for all Sabahan . That is oldest building with many history from British Colony arrived in North Borneo ( now Sabah ) to build this building for theirs , when during theirs at here . 

This building is looking so beautiful and different then another history building in Sabah , whatever is must be proud about it because still looking great stand from past until now . About this building also got be post office in 1947 , so all can visit this building when this Thursday and will be know more history about this building . About this location is at Gaya Street there , so all can be bring family or friends to join this oldest building celebration too .

About more information for this oldest building celebration can be looking above that inside picture or also can be get information with they staff too , so don't be missed it to join them in this celebration . About all bloggers also can be blogging about this building history ......

Sabah Tourism Board
51 , Jalan Gaya , Pusat Bandar
Kota Kinabalu , 
88000 Kota Kinabalu , Sabah 

Tel : 088212121 

Prepared For Earth Hour 2018

Actually this month is a have special moment about this world , maybe somebody will be remember about this Earth Hour activity will be happen in this March every years , this is looking so excellent it because how our save this planet with living without light at everywhere in one hour . This campaigns already start in 2008 again so can be say already ten year active this campaigns , all around the billions people in this world will be joins this campaigns . About for me this is good campaigns for all people to joins it and looking will be know how to save this world , I'm also will be join it too this campaigns . 

Now many country know how important about this Earth Hour include our country Malaysia also join this campaigns . Just be light off in one hour can be saving a billions living in this world , about World Wildlife  Federations ( WWF ) also support this campaigns . So this looking will be wonderlust too , about all bloggers in this world also will be looking start blogging about this Earth Hour and how interesting about it saving all living in this world with one hour light off . So if you is a blogger like same with me be support this campaigns it too and don't missing it with feel how excellent it with all friends at outside there joins this campaigns . 

So this campaigns will be continue again next year in March . This also can be join with family at home too and some parents will be teach theirs children about this good campaigns in this life , whatever I'm Lanseikong will be join this Earth Hour with light off in one hour to saving a billions living in this world . Finally is also thanks with World Wildlife Federations for support this good campaigns .....

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Homemade Pijaram

Today my wife at home to made popular pastry , that is was Pijaram . About this pastry always be Malaysian be choose it for during tea break at home or outside , because this looking so delicious it and nice yo eat . About my wife made this Pijaram and looking be make me can eat more than one with so delicious it , this also second time my wife make this Pijaram at home . Whatever my wife also too have bit talent with make pastry it , how to maybe one day can be doing own bussiness and sell at outside there .

Actually about this homemade pijaram also looking bo sweetest about it , so nice be eat for young or old too . All also can see that picture about it , that color pijaram is bit looking bright it and bit different at outside there , so that mean this homemade pijaram is not too sweetest about it . Everybody also can be try to make it at home when got free time and can be serve it for tea break with family or friends too . If you want find and buy this pijaram always at food stall it and I'm know MYR 1 for one piece pijaram at food stall it . Whatever can be try make at home or buy at outside food stall there .....

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Second Time Sabah Earthquake

Sabah got second time earthquake again at Mount Kinabalu there and many area can feel that earthquake about it , this is a second time about earthquake in Sabah . After first time earthquake with magnitude 6.0 in 15th June 2015 with killed many students and teacher from Singapore , that is so sad moments about it too . About last night many citizen at any area get panic after feel second time earthquake about it , this time magnitude is 5.0 so that also dangerous it , many climbers stop climbing and find a safety place to hide it . Until this morning all situation is already back to normal after last night second time earthquake and all climbers continue climb it , whatever wishes all people stay safety always about this eartquake .....

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Chinese New Year's Moment

Chinese New Year Celebrations will be end next week and will be back again next year celebrations , about me with my family so happiness and joyful in this Chinese New Year with go to relatives open house and join to together share laugh and story with another cousin at open house , I'm and my wife also give Red Packet or in Chinese called Ang Pao to all childrens at there , this is looking so wonderlust about it too . 

From first lunar Chinese New Year about me and my wife also bit looking busy at home with prepared breakfast to family about it and I'm also cook Chinese New Year tradisional cake , that is " Nian Guo " and looking delicious with a meaning "  better in this year " , so that why must be eat this tradisional cake in every year Chinese New Year about it . About second lunar Chinese New Year we got open house at  here and my friends to come here ,so that is looking more joyful in this open house .

About third lunar Chinese New Year we at home go to shopping with family and sent back my sister-in-law back to hometown about it , finally is fourth lunar Chinese New Year that we all go to relative open house at there , there all also looking happening and joyful about it , I'm share story with all cousin at there about my life it . Whatever in this Chinese New Year will be looking more mesningful too for me and my wife . I'm Lanseikong at here wishing all friends is healthy always in this Year Of Dog .....


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Wordless Wednesday : Valentine's Day

Today is a Special day for all , that is Valentine's Day .....

Keep Calm And Wordless Wednesday ......

Tribute For MH370

Already four years about vanishing of Malaysian Airlines MH370  , until now still don't have any clue about where this plane missing ...