Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Homemade Pandan Layer Cake

Today I'm blogging about my sister homemade Pandan Layer , that is so excellent and most beautiful about this cake about it . Actually my sister have a talent to make cake with many type about it at home about it , she homemade cake always looking delicious and also will be make mouthwatering about it too . But this time she make pandan layer cake about it and I'm see it that so excellent with decoration about this homemade layer cake , she looking creative too how make this beautiful cake and different then outside cake shop .

About me also like this pandan layer pandan cake because that no sweetest and fragrance with a pandan about it . So no wonder why many customer will be booking my sister homemade cake , because that looking delicious about it . I'm honour too with my sister because she is a talent cake maker about it , many customer booking she cake for birthday and anniversary it . Whatever I'm is a lifestyle blogger always support with my sister about it , so who want living near there can find her to booking her homemade cake . That also never disappointed to try my sister homemade cake and will be back to order it again . 

That price about this homemade cake can be asking her about it too , with how many grams about this cake you want be order it . Normally I'm can say once more time she homemade cake is different then another cake at outside , that not sweetest too about it so nice to eat more about this cake . She also can make many cake type for your all about it include this pandan layer cake , I'm be show that picture pandan layer cake to all in my blog here ......

Monday, 27 November 2017

Beautiful Phenomenon Of Northern Light

Actually in this world have many amazing of phenomenon about it  , got one phenomenon always people want to see it . That is Northern Lights or also as known Aurora Borealis about it , normally that display many colour like a Rainbow but that is shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow about it . Actually that is also between gaseous particles in the earth atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun atmosphere , many place in north can be see this phenomenon about it .

Whatever the best place to see this phenomenon is a northwestern of part Canada , Norway , Greenland , Iceland and Alaska . That is also good season to view when Winter in the north , because this long periods of darkness and easy to see auroral display when frequency of clear night . So this area north in smaller communities with tend to be best , when got a chance to see this phenomenon . 

About this auroral also got legend about it , some cultural group believe this northern light is a spirit of animals when they hunted like a " seals " , " deer " , " salmon " and " whales  " about it . Another is belief that is harbingers of war or famine when this auroral displays about it and finally is some cultural group also believed that lights is the spirit of their people .....

Saturday, 25 November 2017

JW's Corner : Homemade Sponge Cake

Today just visit JW's Corner , Damai Plaza Phase 4 and try their homemade sponge cake , that is looking so delicious about it . This sponge cake got many flavours and excellent it , about it also got promotion today with buy one free one about it . So many people start to waiting about this promotion will be start 12 noon onwards , so who like to eat cake must be try this excellent homemade sponge cake . I'm and my wife also get try testing this sponge cake and looking delicious with fragrance it , that also so smooth about this sponge cake . 

This sponge cake also looking not sweetest about it and nice to eat for breakfast or tea break about it . Actually just only today got promotion about this homade sponge cake about it , no matter this is excellent homemade sponge cake must be got to try it . About JW's Corner will be business operation everyday from 07.00 am until 10.30 pm , so who living near at there can be visit it too . 

Actually this sponge cake not too expensive , so never disappointed to buy it and bring back to home with family enjoy eat this homemade sponge cake . My wife choose Pandan Sponge Cake , because only this got promotion for buy one free one about it , about another flavours don't have promo it . 
I'm also don't know why , but whatever can try this delicious sponge cake . Normally another flavours is Chocolate Sponge Cake and Chicken Floss Sponge Cake , but that both don't have promotion , just only Pandan Sponge Cake about it . 

Whatever many people buy this sponge cake for bring to home for family , my wife also like this homemade sponge cake and looking fragrance with smooth about it . That so different then another homemade sponge cake got will try before it , whatever our both will be come back there and buy this sponge cake again . Finally is I'm want once more time to give thumb up for JW's Corner with their excellent homemade sponge cake ..... 

JW's Corner
Lot 9 , Block B , Ground Floor , 
Damai Plaza Phase 4 , 
88300 Kota Kinabalu ,
Sabah .

Tel :  +6088-254329

Haagen Dazs : Ice Cream Promo With Buy 1 Free 1

Now many place already start with big sales for end of the year , so many people will be to shopping at anywhere about it . But whatever who is a ice-cream lover will be get good news for them , now Haagen Dazs Malaysia is having their ice cream promotion with buy one free one about it , so this time for enjoy yourself with this ice cream brands . That if buy one scoop will be get another scoop about it and absolutely free when you flash your Bonuslink Virtual Card and many more about it . 

So don't forget to download Bonuslink App and register your card number about it with get your virtual card , so can be enjoy your favourite ice cream with conditions apply it . About this ice cream promo will be start from 24th November to 24th December 2017, so get your ice cream fix at any Haagen Dazs nationwide . So time for bring your family or friends to enjoy with this ice cream about it , that why settle for one when get two flavours . Let's start enjoy it with Haagen Dazs and bring a sweetest smile for cherish about it ......

Friday, 24 November 2017

Travel In South Korea ( Part VII )

Today our both will be back to Sabah , so got to they fast food franchise in Incheon International Airport , that is must be Burger King . What different about this franchise about it ? That is burger looking bit huge and also looking delicious with Pamesran Cheese about it , that also many onion , tomato slices and excellent beef meat . This also with smooth burger bun about it so that different about it too , so many people will be like this burger it . About that price for this burger only just 6500 Won , so can be say not expensive about it .

If want order one set with include drink and french fries just only 9500 Won , so must be try this burger about it and will be feel how different it . About my wife share this burger with me because that bit huge can be two people eat this burger , so this also can be saved cost for it . Whatever I'm be give thumb up for this fast food in this Burger King franchise at South Korea . Actually many Korean people also like this with take meal at there or just be take away about it , whatever when one day our both to visit this country again and must be try this burger again with how different it .

Finally is always thanks to all at Korean people because honour our both to visit this country and our both will be visit this country again coming soon and so happy can learn about there culture and also got try there foods include there popular dishes is Kimchi , actually i'm not like to eat but whatever when try it and feel how delicious about it too ..... 

Good Bye Incheon !!! 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Travel In South Korea ( Part VI )

Here already falling snow about at here , that is first snow in South Korea , that is more chilled during night and day . Whatever I'm so lucky can see falling snow that first time in my life , so this good memories when travel at here . Whatever maybe next year will be visit South Korea again , but this week I'm and my wife will be back to Sabah , so hope next year can be visit here again . about for me will be rated five star for this country because clean it and most beautiful place about it , so that never disappointed to visit here .

That is too looking nice when can touch snow at here and that is first time too , actually this snow is looking smooth like our drink " ice blended " about it . I'm also want try to make snowman about it , everytime watching television or movies about people to make snowman during winter about it , so that can keep more experience in this winter season . 

Actually I'm also visit this workers quarters at here . many people say that so cold and hard to work about it , sometimes also got people back to them country because so cold and can't be stay too long at here . Another is about many farm will be closed temporary when during snow it , so already few job at farm and will be back early to they country it . So must be ready Snow Jacket about it and can warm that body and less feel cold about it , I'm also go wear it because I'm afraid about cold it and quick to falling sick too . 

About that Celsius also will be rated -9°C about it so can be say too chilled it . If want to see and touch snow can be visit at here , next year also Winter Olympics in South Korea and can be try to visit with support this sport games too , whatever all athletes from all country will be start to prepared for this sport games next year .......

Travel In South Korea ( Part V )

Are you like to eat bun ? Whatever I'm intro this Korean Bun at here , normally this bun is looking so delicious about it and my wife buy it near bread shop at here . This bun inside got Black Sugar about it and also bit crispy about this bun , but this looking not sweetest too , so nice for breakfast or teatime . About that plastic got a brand is named Korean Folk Village , I'm think this bun maybe is a culture Korean people food too , actually got many type again about this bun . When I'm eat this bun and can be taste how fragrance about black sugar inside this bun , so this bun can be give thumb up too . 

About this bun only 1000 Won so that can say is cheaper it , this also can be keep for supper during midnight about it . Actually now is Winter at here , so nice be keep this for supper too because chilled is more hungry about it . Normally this bun got must be to try about it , that is not sweetest and fragrance with a black sugar about it . So our also will be to buy this bun and bring back to Sabah . 

Maybe this bun also got at our country it , but maybe not too more about it . So this nice for snack food when watching television too , that is health bun too because less sweetest about it . Maybe many people will be think this bun so sweet because with black sugar inside this bun , whatever this bun already less sweetest so nice for children until adult health about it . I'm here want to give thumb up for this bun , because delicious and fragrance about it ...... 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Travel In South Korea ( Part IV )

When during time feeling unwell , I'm just taking dinner with my wife only Korean Ramen , that is looking delicious about it too . That second time our both taking this korea noodle and our cook two pack about this Korea Ramen , that is different then another noodle it , this ramen our take with a pack and before this time just only a Korean Noodle Cup about it . When this already try it and will be want again to try it about this ramen , so that don't be feel disappointed about with this meal . 

Whatever that also can put chicken meat or other meat in this ramen , actually I'm want put egg into this ramen but don't have egg so just put chicken meat about it . This also looking delicious about it too and that ramen sauce will be so delicious it , that don't salted too . For me about this ramen at here not expensive , so no problem want to eat everyday because this not bad for health and not same like other noodle we eat everyday in this life .

Maybe I'm and my wife will be bring bit this ramen back to Malaysia because this looking not expensive about it , So I'm will give thumb up about this Korean Ramen and I'm like to eat this ramen about it because that not bad for health . So if you want to know what is different about this ramen , that must be to try about it , this will be make you want be to try it for second time again .

Actually this also got another flavour again , that is Cheese Korean Ramen that is looking delicious about it and will be make mouthwatering about it . If who is a cheese lover like me will be to try this ramen it , so coming soon I'm will be to try this Cheese Korean Ramen about it . Normally this Korean Ramen and Japanese Ramen have different it , but I'm don't know what different about this two country ramen ? Whatever I'm will be try to about this Japanese Ramen when got a chance to travel in Japan coming soon .....

Travel In South Korea ( Part III )

Weather today at South Korea already -7°C , that will be looking so chilled about it during day and night . About the weather report at here this week will be falling snow about it , that will be looking great about it , about me be starting feeling unwell at here maybe about this chilled weather , when during night want to sleep must be using blanket about it . Maybe tomorrow that Celsius will be get -10°C so that looking more chilled it again , so must be prepared Snow Jacket and another things before start falling snow soon it . 

About farm also will be stop to harvest or closed it when during snow coming soon it , so many farmer will be start hard work in this week before falling snow about it . now many mud at here already be freeze it , so that means that don't be waiting to long for during of falling snow about it . Whatever I'm want to apologize with all reader about don't take picture about that situation it because I'm feeling unwell , so I'm just blogging without upload picture about it . When me recovery back and will be get more information about situation at here . .....

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Travel In South Korea ( Part II )

Maybe someone got eat " Pak Chai "  about it , but in South Korea also got this but that called " Korea Pak Chai " , that is more interesting about this vegetable because this different it and just only in cold place in Asia . About interesting with this vegetable is large then " Malaysia Pak Chai "  , about " Malaysia Pak Chai " is small it . So must be try this " Korea Pak Chai " went visit this country and will be know what different it too . 

About this " Korea Pak Chai " also delicious to make with soup too and that can be nice when during Winter it , about this farm also looking so largest at here and everywhere can be see this vegetable too . So that can say is a popular food in this country about it and this farm actually arrange by foreign owner from China with they workers about it , that is looking amazing it when see they workers to farming in this " Korea Pak Chai " farm with so fast it , that also looking excellent it how many farmer from China can be finish it this largest farm everyday without feel tired about it . 

Whatever for me maybe can't be do it fastest about it , because that looking not easy when to farming in this largest " Korea Pak Chai " about it and why this " Korea Pak Chai " is looking will be expensive when to import at another country about it . That also got another farm at in this country like " Long Carbbage " farm with not far too from this area too , about " Long Cabbage " is a how to make popular culture Korean Foods , that is Kimchi . Maybe next time I'm will be visit this farm too if got a chance soon and that will be know how to farming about this " Long Cabbage " too . 

Continue back to " Korea Pak Chai " about it , how to farming in this largest farm ?  Actually this farming just use a nylon rope for bundle with strong it for every " Korea Pak Chai " , because when falling snow coming soon it will be don't be looking damage about it . That is looking excellent with how to save all this vegetable from damage when falling snow soon it , that must be learn about it . Whatever maybe coming soon will be visit another farm that is " Long Cabbage " farm about it and how be to farming too ..... 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Travel In South Korea ( Part I )

That is first time I'm and my wife travel to South Korea , this is very beautiful city and clean it about that weather is looking so chilled it during day and night . Whatever this is us both first time experince about that so very meaningful in this life about it , many things our both to learn at here about culture it , so this amazing about it . Our both at here first day already got try that pure Korean Noodle Cup that is looking so delicious about it too , that different then another noodles about it . So when visit this country must be try it too , actually they country always support they own product too , that excellent about it . 

When during chilled weather too is nice to take a hot meal too , because that can warm inside this body it . Actually now is already starting is Winter at here , so all citizen at here will be prepared hot meal or drink beer for warm this body , about me and my wife also follow it because that really chilled at here and this celcius is 9°C during day and night , but not yet falling snow at here . This also first time I'm and my wife got feel Winter in South Korea . About every house at here got Floor Heater it , because this can watm inside every house when during chilled it . 

That is feel amazing it , so that can't be feel cold inside this house when use Floor Heater about this and always keep warm inside whole about this house . So that is how creative about this Korean people for their house about it , About entertainment , they focus local movie about it and can say 90 percent is a Korean Movie and Drama , so this interesting about it , however if want stay long at here also can take a Korean Language Class too , that is easy want be communication it , about me maybe one day also will be this course too .

About here also got many talent Korean bloggers too like Soomin , Ene and Jung Ho Yeon this will be interesting too want be know them about it , them also already be famous fashion blogger in this country , so must be will be to proud with them too . Whatever I'm Lanseikong and my wife will be continue journey to living in this country and will be update again my blog soon again , waiting more interesting about our both journey of life in this country ...... 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Colour Of Relations - Segment ( Part IV )

Today is a last week and will be to announced who is the " segment winner " about it , so many will be waiting about this result it include me too at here .... Hehehe . Whatever before I'm announced at here and I'm want thank you with participants who join this segment about it . Now I'm got that result in my hand and will be announced who is the " segment winner " it ......

[ drums roll ]

The " Colour Of  Relations Segment Winner " is .......


honour with all participants to join this segment and congratulations to " segment winner " once again OUR STORY DADIE .......

Thursday, 9 November 2017

How Delicious About This Street Food

Today I'm and my wife go to test some street food at near housing area about it , that is looking so delicious about this street food it and no wonder many people will be find this street food stall at here . Whatever my wife order dessert that is name Ice Blended ABC  and other is Cheese Fried Kuew Tiew . What is different about this cheese fried kuew teow ? Actually this is got cheese topping about it and looking be delicious and make be mouthwatering about it .

Normally this is first time try this and when eat that will be full aroma cheese in this fried kuew teow , so that must be try it about this street food . That price also not expensive with just only RM 8.50 for one plate . About that ice blended ABC is also nice it when during hot weather , must be find it for chilled that brains . This also not too sweeted about this and can pour extra Gula Melaka in this dessert by yourself  , if when don't feel sweeted about it . That price about this ice blended ABC just only RM 5.50 for one bowl it , whatever this looking so excellent about this street food . 

There also got sell Pisang Goreng and other Kuih-Muih , but my wife don't have order it , so can't be snap that picture about it . Actually about this street food is a food from heaven , that got many choice can be to choose it . So can be bring your family or friends can be stay here and try this street food , that will be never disappointed about it too . 

About that food hawker also looking so friendly and good service for customer when order food it at there , so I'm will be back to here with my wife to try again this street foods . That is many choice and also not expensive about this foods , so many customers be liked it too . Whatever I'm want try this Cheese Fried Kuew Teow , because I'm is a cheese lover so that can be say this my favourite and about this street food I'm will be give thumb up about it and must be visit with try it again ......

Chef Johnson : Talent Chef With The Best World Cuisine

What is interest about in Penang ? Actually that is more delight cuisine from Penang will be all to known it , this also us culture dining of new place for all . Whatever this is looking unique with gourmet discovery about it , whatever about Dinesaur got they talent Chef Johnson Wong with his experience in the kitchen to extend the best if the world cuisine . Now his in Penang with skillful in experience foods with how to preparation excellent cuisine it . 

Many customers will be liked what Chef  Johnson Wong with brought to all table that night , normally this ingredients are handpicked by the chef to presentation of classic fine-dine dishes about it . His prepared almost poplar cuisine at there like " slipper lobster " and " mud crab " about it , so that looking simple but will be make mouthwatering with this cuisine . that also can choose your favourite wine to pair with your dinner too . 

" Slipper Lobster"

"  Mud Crab  " 

 However this really nice for everything about it with the crew and staff  is looking very professional about it , so if visit Urban Spice Cafe will be known that talent Chef Johnson Wong and his team Dinesaur with looking pop-up dining in Penang .....

- RM 200 per pax for 4 course dinner 
- RM 228 per pax for 4 course dinner  + fruit cordial
- RM 228 per pax for 4 course dinner + wine 

If want more information can be call at contact Joel ( +06164214720 ) or Darren ( +06165530992 ) 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Youtiao As Known " Oil-Fried Devil "

In Chinese food got one popular food , that must be Chinese Cruller or as known Yaw Char Kwai or Youtiao . Actually this is long golden-brown deep fried stripe and almost popular it , that also can be torn lenghtwise in two . Normally this eaten at breakfast with porridge or dip into drink like coffee it , that also normally is China and Southeast Asian cuisines . 

Actually at breakfast this chinese cruller can be stuffed inside Roasted Flatedbread or as known too Shaobing , about this youtiao also can be wrapped with Noodle Roll , that is known Zhaliang . Youtiao is also important ingredient popular food in Shanghai cuisine that is known Cifan Tuan . Whenever Yaw Char Kwai in Cantonese speaking area , that is means " ghost " or " devil " about it , so as known " oil-fried devil " about it . 

That also got folk etymology about this chinese cruller , normally this is eaten as done to be traitorous couple , that is about it Qin Hui and his wife both have hand collaborating with enemy to bring for general demise it and so this legend still keeping it . About his youtiao is often to make as two with a foot-long roll respresting the husband and the other the wife . so this popular fried dough foods is can make many type about it for breakfast or tea-time too .

About in Indonesia this is known as " cakwe " commonly chopped or sliced eaten with Bubur Ayam at breakfast , however that also can accompaniment with sate sauce too . About in Laos this youtiao is known " chao quay "  and commonly eaten with coffee at breakfast . About in Malaysia , this fried doug will be called " cakoi " , that is filling egg jam Kaya or butter it and normally sold in morning street market or " pasar malam " it . 

Finally in Vietnam and Philippines about this food . Actually this food in Vietnam as known Sino-Vietnamese because that is mix about it almost popular in Vietnamese cuisine . Similar tha is known " dau chao quay " and eaten typically with a Wonton Noodles about it . About in Philippines this youtiao is called " bicho " that is refer to sweetened and dough fried balls similiar to the Bunuelo about it ......

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Colour Of Relations - Segment ( Part III )

This week already third weeks about Colour Of Relations Segment , still got one week again will be know who is the " segment winner " about it . But whatever this week got new participant in this segment agains ,  that answer feel like will be winner next week ... hehehe 

Whatever I'm know your all now still be waiting about me announced who is the " segment winner " next week ? Before about that let's see who is new participants in this week ......

1) curios traveller
2) our story dadie
3) niakharudinblog
4) ronald mohoni
5) naikin kami followers aktif
6) elevastrucutre
7) infinitehappinesshacks
8) joe hairie 
9) ah kak gojes
10) yatie owner
11) irene sindanan
12) mrspip18
13) unni anje 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Mabini Padre @ Blue Water Wreck

In 1981 got a largest Philippines fishing trawler sunks lies under the sea in Labuan , this history still keep alive until now . This fishing trawler is named Mabini Padre with got fire and sunk lies under the sea about it , so this popular called it Blue Water Wreck , because that water there so clear it , that is already 36 years about this body wreck under the sea . Whatever who go to diving at there and will be see this Mabini Padre with a great history , that not far from Labuan with just only 34 KM about it and Northest of Kuraman Island

Whatever that sunk with lies at beautiful place about it , so many foreign tourist or local when go to diving will be see this Mabini Padre , actually if got chance I'm also too want see it and touch this body wreck of this fishing trawler about it , whatever this history will be never fade in this life , when go to diving at here will be remember Mabini Padre or popular named must be Blue Water Wreck about it ......

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Forest City @ Gelang Patah ( Johor )

First time I'm here know Forest City in Malaysia , that is locations at Gelang Patah , Johor . That is feel so amazing about this beautiful destination for holiday about , actually I'm know that since about this beautiful destination after attend The Signature Food Fest 2017 at here Grandis Hotel And Resorts , Kota Kinabalu . I'm feel excited about want more information about this Forest City , so I'm get more information with find at Google about it . That its more interesting about this Forest City , when I'm see that all picture about this how most beautiful and amazing it , make my heart want to go there for holiday coming soon . That is really be a most wonderful too in the world , so I'm many people will be know about since this amazing beautiful Forest City . 

That is more interesting too about that Phoneix Hotel , because that interior design is looking so excellent about it , that so different then another resort in Malaysia . So that its nice choose this destination fir holiday about it , if who want honeymoon too can be choose about it with many beautiful view at around this Forest City , that is really must be visiting this place and don't let's that chance gone . 

That outdoors also looking so beautiful with many creative things can be see it and also take photo about it , when I'm this picture at google really want visiting this Forest City and how too know can be blogging LIVE from there with take many picture in this amazing place , maybe not today but coming soon about it . In this anazing place too can be release tension with taking fresh air every morning about it too , about this beautiful destination will be get many tourist from any country to visit this Forest City . 

Actually this Forest City is launched in 2014 , so can be say is a still new in this Malaysia , whatever many  people from local and tourist from any counttry like this amazing place ands more be give rated five star too this amazing place . So residents in Johor will be proud about it , because how amazing and beautiful about this Forest City can be  say most beautiful destination for holiday about it . I'm here also congrats to one Sabahan Blogger named Liza Izara got win lucky draw in The Signature Food Fest for holiday in this Forest City , so that will be looking excellent journey about it and we all Sabahan Blogger will be proud with her too win this lucky draw for excellent holiday about it .......

Christmas's Mood Is Back

This month is looking more joyful and happiness for all people around this world , because Christmas's mood is back again for waiting...