Monday, 9 July 2018

Homemade Huge Burger

I'm is back in this blog after 1 month dont have blogging it , whatever i'm here got feeling bit hungry now when see that picture about it and make be mouthwatering it , that is my sister homemade burger , maybe looking not too much different about it but that is looking delicious it because got bit huge about this burger , because got more veggies and tomato too . Whatever this nice for breakfast menu before go to work or school about it , , but for me can be eat more then one about this homemade huge burger , normally i'm just kidding only . How can be eat more then one about this homemade huge burger , with my opinions about this homemade huge burger also can be get extra meats for this and looking wonderlust about it too and finally with a black pepper sauce and that feel can be mouthwatering too with bit taste spicy it in this huge burger . Maybe one day i'm also will be try make homemade huge burger for breakfast or tea time with my wife too , because burger that is not disappointed menu in this lifestyle and also best fastfood too .

Whatever I'm will be follow up my sister homemade cuisine or pastry again maybe this time just be looking simple but that can be give thumb up about this huge burger . Normally i'm also is like eat burger too , but my favorite is a double cheese burger . So i'm think if i'm make burger at homemade will be give extra cheese about it too , because cheese that wil be make mouthwatering too and never disappointed about it . Finally is lets all try make huge burger at homemade for your family or friends .....

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