Monday, 1 October 2018

History Of Tsunami 2004

Tsunami is a greatest disaster in this world , that is also called " tidal wave " about it . This always happen when got earthquake about it don't care in the ocean or land , about this earthquake must be higher magnitude and will be make tsunami disaster about it . Normally about this tsunami can be killed more people about it , because that is silent killer and more people don't know this tsunami will be happen when earthquake about it . That also which country got in " ring of fire " also will be get this tsunami disaster , we all must be remember in tsunami 2004 at Indonesia that is get a history because this tsunami destroy and killed many people around 14 country about it too . We can look above that animation about tsunami 2004 how it happen and how far that can be go about it too . 

Actually tsunami is from Japanese words , that is means " harbour wave " or is called " tidal wave " . How can be save yourself and your family in this tsunami ? That is must be prepared about it when hear tsunami siren and also got to higher place like a hill or tall building about it , when at beach with got feel earthquake about it and must be prepared to run away before tsunami coming . Finally is a avoid to take a risk for watching tsunami at beach too , about history tsunami at Indian Ocean that is first time about it and never happen before this time . Last week this tsunami also happen in Palu , Sulawesi and killed many people at there , whatever let's us together pray for this tsunami victims .....

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