Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Borneo International Kite Festival 2018

This year got another biggest event in Borneo and will be held at Sarawak , this event must be a Borneo International Kite Festival , that is looking most wonderful with many different Kite will be in the sky . So who is a kite lover will be don't be let's this change gone to join this festival , I'm will be know this festival looking more happening about it too , so if you living near around must be try join this festival too . This also looking many different kite in the sky and will be make colourful like a rainbow about it , about this festival from far away also will be to join it , because seldom can see event like this .

That also will be many amateurs and professionals joining this fun and must be bring their family and friends too , about this event location at Bintulu , so will be many come from far to take this part too . About this festival also got prepared food stall for all people in this during event , so this will be looking more happening too . Whatever this event be start in this 25th September until 30th September , so for kite lovers don't be missed it to join this event with bring family and friends together to join it too , when on the ground that also got a chance to learns how to making a kite in this event , so these will be looking more happening in this Borneo International Kite Festival and hope this event will be continue next year again with bring more kite lovers coming soon to join this event ..... 

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