Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Liang Sandwich Bar @ Imago

When shopping in Imago Shopping Mall , must be try to visit this KIOSK with try there sandwich at there and different then another sandwich at outside there . This also have many different sandwich ingredients about it with can choose which one your favorite it too , when taste it that feel delicious it and different with another sandwich always eat in this life . Whatever this sandwich bar name is a LIANG and so popular with this sandwich it , many people also will be like this sandwich , however that bit expensive about this sandwich but that important is can be try a nice food in this life . 

In this sandwich bar also have a many experinces crew to make this all sandwich , so no wonder this sandwich bar . Normally this unique sandwich so popular in Taiwan and this popular unique sandwich from there country too , for me will be choose a " Chicken Bolognese Sandwich " because this fragrance with a bolognese in this sandwich . when look that truly when they make this sandiwich like a waffle style but bit different it , sometimes that is can be pan cake categories too , however this a Taiwanese popular food in Sabah and also Malaysia . So now don't need flight to Taiwan try this unique sandwich again .

Finally is can be rated five star about this unique sandwich and looking delicious about it too , so when go to shopping must be visit this sandwich bar and not disappointed about this taste too . Whatever don't be missed it bring family and friends to join taste this unique sandwich at Liang Sandwich Bar at Imago Shopping Mall , about that location for this sandwich bar will be get below about it too ......

Imago Shopping Mall , 
Basement Floor ,
SPK B-05 , 
Kota Kinabalu , 
Sabah .

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Wonderful Christmas Celebration

Ho ... Ho .... Ho .... Today is a Christmas will be get many activities at outside with family and friends too , whatever I'm Lanseikong at here wishing all people around the world at here MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR . Today in this christmas I'm blogging must be all about christmas at here , about this festive will be bring joyful and happiness too with family and friends , about childrens also will be looking happy with them presents it . 

What your christmas activites today with family and friends ? About me prepared Christmas breakfast at home and enjoy it with family , so this is a nice plan in this christmas morning it . Normally now also looking raining at outside , so this is a chilled Christmas celebrations too , about my christmas wishes is a healthy always and hope maybe coming soon christmas can meets real Santa Claus ... hehe . Maybe this a crazy dreams only but howhere this crazy dreams come true right ? In this world always have miracle so don't be disappointed too , finally now is continue a happiness life journey in this festive and for me this is a so meaningful celebration in this life .....


Saturday, 15 December 2018

First Fastfood Franchise In Malaysia : Jollibee

Today got another fastfood grand opening in Sabah and also is a first franchise in Malaysia too , so whatever I'm also thanks to Jollibee to invite me for join this soft grand opening today . Normally this fastfood franchise is
from Philippines and looking very popular at there country too , so must be try there fastfood and will be never disappointed about this taste , for me also can be give THUMB UP for this fastfood franchise . About this fastfood franchise normally that not same like another fastfood franchise in Malaysia , here got many choice to for any fastfood at here . So really must be to try it with bring family and friends to come this fastfood franchise , so that time can be rated how delicious about this fastfood by yourself it . That also people will be like this fastfood franchise , for me will be come back again at here for enjoy taking that fastfood and hope Jollibee will be get many franchise at here like a another fastfood franchise in Sabah and Malaysia . Finally is I'm got snap photo about this grand opening about Jollibee in Sabah , about that location is a Centre Point Sabah , so don't be missed it ......

" Jollibee Mascot " 

" opening speech "

" free meal for customers "

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Christmas's Mood Is Back

This month is looking more joyful and happiness for all people around this world , because Christmas's mood is back again for waiting to celebrations this festival about it . Whatever never forget about a popular figure in the christmas must be a Santa Claus , so that is looking so excellent for this celebrations too . About a Santa Claus also as known a " Father Christmas " in this festival , his always looking joyful with carring a beg with a full presents for all childrens with looking a good behaviour about it in this world . About me like a Santa Claus story because this looking a great legend and history in this life , whatever must be never forget too about his Flying Reindeers for pull the sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Claus deliver gifts to childrens on Christmas Eve . 

What your wishes at Christmas this year ? However that important is a looking cheering with full happiness in this celebrations with a family and friends about it , about me this year will be make different Christmas celebrations with my wife and family through with joyful and happiness . Finally is the people looking around the world will be start bit busy for prepared this festival , when start to shopping as the day following Christmas day .....

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Best Resort : Sutera Harbour

Sutera Harbour is a normally famous resort in Kota Kinabalu , this also is largest resort too with a comprising a two 5-star hotels , so no wonder this is have a largest tourist from many country will be stay at here . This resort also not far from the city and also many place of interest nearby about it , about the transport also looking so easy to get it too like a taxi or grab car , about this also get largest free car park too . So that looking can be give thumb up for this resort . 

Around the property in this resort have a many restaurant at Magellan Sutera that is a Five sails , Muffinz , Tarik's Lobby Lounge ,  Al Fresco , Frrdinand's and Spice Island , so that looking luxury restaurant with a many delights cuisine will be get here restaurant too . About at Pacific Sutera have a one chinese restaurant that is a Silk Garden and here also have one cafe will name Cafe Boleh with a international cuisine , in this cafe prepared a buffet and ala-carte . Whatever time for business operation in this cafe is for breakfast , lunch and dinner . Normally have a popular bar that is a Breeze Beach Club with serving many type alcohol in this bar and also snack foods too , so don`t be missed it to visit this bar too with enjoy yourself with family or friends .

In Pacific Sutera also got Lobby Lounge with a tastefully furnised woth comfortable sofas and armchairs for guest to enjoy a cup coffee and also be hold a casual business meetings too . Here also got a live band throught the during night , so this a great place to stay and relax about it . In this lobby also serve a wide variety of light dishes , that also can be take away from the Deli Counter . Finally is can see beautiful sunset at outside there , that looking so beautiful it . Another things is a the perfect end to a perfect day in paradise , easy say can see beautiful sunset at here can boost well-being and enchance life satisfaction , so don't be missed it to see this beautiful sunset at here . This also are unlike anywhere else at outside there and this also is evident in every sunaet at here , so whatever this is a the story behind the sunset must be at here Sutera Harbour ......

Thursday, 15 November 2018

AFF Suzuki Cup 2018

Soccer fever is back again , already end of World Cup campaign 4 month ago and now start with AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 . About this soccer campaign only for all ASEAN country only , whatever this looking so excellent too about this soccer campaign , because this will be know who the best Asean country in this soccer campaign . So really don't be missed it , and which country will be champions ? However for me will be support my country Malaysia will be looking champions in this competition too , whatever this looking many another country also is excellent too like a Philippines and Indonesia . About this two country looking have a chance will be go far in this competition too , because Indonesia have a many great player about it and Philippines is have a former England manager ,that is a Sven Goran Eriksson , so this both country will be looking bit dangerous too . Finally  is about this competition also will be end of next month too , so let's together support which your country in this competition and this also must be proud with the country hero in this competition too . About this competition also can watch at internet channel broadcast and that up to which  country internet channel broadcast for make this live competition .....

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Small Cosy Restaurant : Outskirts Eatery

This time I'm blogging about always people`s choice restaurant in Penampang , this restaurant is looking with many delight cuisine will be prepared at here too . so don`t be missed that chance with bring family or friends come to here with taste how delicious about this all cuisine at here , about this restaurant name is a Outskirts Eatery with normally based in Penampang not far from Putatan area too . Maybe someone already got walk-in to try there cuisine , so will be know where this restaurant location too . About this owner is a Sabahan Youtuber Adam Shamil and Casey Jovial is a chairman Mr.Kaamatan Sabah , so there both is looking so excellent about it with opening this restaurant , so don't be let's opportunity gone for dine at this cosy small restaurant about it . In this restaurant too got many delight Western cuisine and also tradisional cuisine will be waiting for taste it .  

Many customers will be looking enjoy they food on this restaurant , because have a friendly staff with good customer service about it too . So this a best idea with bring family or friends to stay and enjoy dine at here , for me will be taste there cuisine at there coming soon too .Whatever that how amazing is I'm as lifestyle blogger can be meet a famous Sabahan Youtuber at here too , so coming soon with a great story about it . Normally this restaurant also already got many local artist come to take a dine at here too , so can be say how amazing about this restaurant . Finally is a about that interior designation about this restaurant is also looking so unique about it , that can feel relax and looking smooth scene in the heart . Whatever must be try to visit about cosy small restaurant so don't be missed it  , can be taking dine at here also can autograph and taking picture with this famous Sabahan Youtuber too .....

Saturday, 10 November 2018

What Is A Black Friday ?

Hi , I'm back at here again , this time I'm will be blogging about Black Friday will be happen in this month . About that that date is a 23rd November every year as the beginning of the country Christmas Shopping Season about it too , maybe some people will be still thinking what is a black friday ? Normally that is can be say a big sales at everywhere for make prepared celebrations christmas next month about it too , that looking more cheaper when during shopping time too , so that is a good news for all shopholics in this black friday . That also been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005 , although news reports , which at that time were inaccurate . about this also can be as busiest shopping day of the year for a much longer period time . The earliest evidence of the phrase black friday applied to the day after Thankgiving in a shopping context suggests about it too . Normally have a been attempts by retailers with origins in the United states to introduce a retail black friday to other countries around the world , this also after the last major holiday before Christmas , it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season . Sometimes this shopping day with a retail sales for the full holiday season is quite weak and may even be negative .

This also majority retailers will be open very early as early as overnight hours too with a offer promotional sales , the news media have a long described the day after thanksgiving as the busiest shopping day of the year , for example black friday ranked from fifth to tenth on the list of busiest shopping day with the last saturday  before Christmas usually taking first place . In order to take advantage of this virtually all retailers in the country big and small offer various sales including limited amounts to doorbuster items to entice traffic , the news media usually give heavy play to reports this shopping season and their implications for the commercial success about it too .....

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Halloween 2018

Halloween is back again this end of the month , so will be many activity waiting to join it in this celebration about it . When think about halloween must be imagine for the freaky moment , that also many people will be prepared customs for join this event end of the month . So what your favorite horror character in this halloween ? About me will be choose about " ghost pirate " character in this halloween , whatever this year halloween will be looking more happening about it too , so don't be missed to join this celebrations too . 

About think halloween also will be start to craving pumpkin about it too and put infront the house , that is also traditional in this festival . Whatever I'm like a Jack O Lantern tales in this halloween , because that is looking excellent folkore tales in lifestyle . Normally many another activity too in this festival that is divinations games , playibg pranks , visiting haunted attractions , apple bobbing and telling scary stories . Although elsewhere it is a more commercial and secular celebrations , the modern imagery of Halloween also come from many sources too . 

In this celebrations never forget about " trick-or-trick " for childrens in this Halloween , childrens will be wears halloween custome from house to house with asking for treats such candy or sometimes money too . About words " trick " implies a " threat " to perform mischief on the home owners about it , so while Disney build a the theme park haunts are by far the largest both in scale and attendance .....

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Best Flight Operations : Malaysia Airline

How the best went got dreams to travel again about it , whatever before plan to travel must be choose a best destination for vacations it , another things that must be choose a best flight for arrive at the destinations too . For me that is top best flight service must be Malaysian Airline System ( MAS ) , that is looking a professional flight class in this country with don't care about local flights or international about it . However that is looking expensive cost for flight in your destinations , but that is looking a professional service in this flight , so whatever for me as a lifestyle blogger at here will be give rated five stars about this flight systems .

Finally is MAS always in people's choice too in this lifestyle with bring a sweet memories during flight to the holiday destinations about it too , whatever after 46 years this MAS for flight operations about it , finally that change to Malaysia Airline Berhad ( MAB ) in 2015 about it . However that still a best flight operations in this country , don't care in local or international about it , so our all still support this best flight operations in this lifestyle .....

Monday, 8 October 2018

Gam Tong @ Imago

This week I'm blogging one chinese restaurant , that is also looking so popular about it too , because have many different popular cuisine at here and must be to try it . About this popular chinese restaurant is name Gam Tong , so can be bring family at here and try these cuisine about it with can be say will be never disappointed too , whatever about this restaurant also is a people's choice everytime , for me also will be give THUMB UP about this chinese restaurant . About this chinese restaurant also looking prefers for " Hong Kong Style " .

Many popular chinese cuisine at here like that picture above it , that is konlaumian with mixed ( roasted pork and roasted drumstick ) , so this looking how delicious about it and will be make mouthwatering about it too . I'm think so maybe for me not enough about it because how delicious about this cuisine , so must be try about this cuisine . 

About that second cuisine at here I'm intro today , that is a Roasted Pork Konlaumian and is non-halal cuisine about it too . Whatever that is looking delicious about this menu because seldom got to try how different this cuisine at then at outside there , so for me will be give a rated full point for this cuisine too . So if got a free time must be bring a family or friends to try walk in this chinese restaurant with try a cuisine at here and will be never make disappointed about it too , so don't be missed that chance go it too . About this restaurant location , I'm will be give information at here too .....

B-39 , Imago Shopping Mall
Phase 2 ,
Coastal Highway , 88100
Kota Kinabalu , Sabah .

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Oceanus Light Festival

Who already got to go Oceanus Shopping Mall to see Light Festival about it ? That is looking a amazing festival and first time held in Kota Kinabalu , Sabah . So don't be missed it with bring family or friends go to this light festival , that also can be bring camera too with snap a beautiful picture at this place . Normally about this light festival already begins in this 15th September until 14th October , so who not yet to go this light festival still have a time about it too and can feel how wonderful about this light festival with can keep a best memories in this life too . Time for can see this light festival is a 5 pm until 11 pm , so bring a family and friends to join this light festival . 

About me also hope this light festival will be continue next year at here again , because this also can be bring more tourist from another country can be join and see this light festival at here . That about this light festival also looking like a rainbow during night with many different color light and also different design light in this festival , so don't be missed it . About me and my wife also will be go this light festival before ends it , because this seldom have a chance to see this beautiful light festival at here . 

Normally this also will be bring more people walk in at this shopping mall got that why choose this shopping mall for this light festival , because that can see ocean view during night with accompany a beautiful light about it , for me this is a wonderful festival want first time held in Kota KInabalu , so I`m as a Sabahan very proud about it too . About entry this light festival is free entrance so this good news for all people want visit this light festival  , so really don`t be missed this chance gone with bring a sweet memory about it with a family , couple or friends ......

Monday, 1 October 2018

History Of Tsunami 2004

Tsunami is a greatest disaster in this world , that is also called " tidal wave " about it . This always happen when got earthquake about it don't care in the ocean or land , about this earthquake must be higher magnitude and will be make tsunami disaster about it . Normally about this tsunami can be killed more people about it , because that is silent killer and more people don't know this tsunami will be happen when earthquake about it . That also which country got in " ring of fire " also will be get this tsunami disaster , we all must be remember in tsunami 2004 at Indonesia that is get a history because this tsunami destroy and killed many people around 14 country about it too . We can look above that animation about tsunami 2004 how it happen and how far that can be go about it too . 

Actually tsunami is from Japanese words , that is means " harbour wave " or is called " tidal wave " . How can be save yourself and your family in this tsunami ? That is must be prepared about it when hear tsunami siren and also got to higher place like a hill or tall building about it , when at beach with got feel earthquake about it and must be prepared to run away before tsunami coming . Finally is a avoid to take a risk for watching tsunami at beach too , about history tsunami at Indian Ocean that is first time about it and never happen before this time . Last week this tsunami also happen in Palu , Sulawesi and killed many people at there , whatever let's us together pray for this tsunami victims .....

Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Are you looking thristy ? Whatever Oktoberfest is back at here again and will be make your enjoy it with this beer festival , that is a good news for all drinkers at here because about this Oktoberfest will be looking more cheaper with any beer type and easy to say is happy hour without limit about it . If you is best drinker and this time with bring friends to enjoy it and time to relax after working hour about it too . Actually this Oktoberfest is held in Munich , Germany that is looking a popular festival at there about it too , about this festival also can making friends with close it and enjoy together in this beer festival .

About this Oktoberfest already start in this 22nd September until 7th October in every year about it too , that also is traditional festival in Munich . Whatever this festival now looking around the world for celebration this Oktoberfest , so don't be missed it to join this celebration with make a thristy gone about it . That is a time for make new friendship too in this festival .

Normally about this Oktobefest , all ladies will be wear custom traditional dresses in this festival and serve all people around this  place with bring a beer mug about it , their also will be looking joyful when serve all people in this festival too . So who travel in this end of month to Munich in Germany also will be get feel about this festival , so can feel how amazing about this Oktoberfest . That also got ready tent for all drinkers  in this festival , but also must be follow that rules about it when during in tent . Actually about this beer is also will be called " liquid gold " and how important in this Oktoberfest , so this is biggest fair in the Munich .....

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Borneo International Kite Festival 2018

This year got another biggest event in Borneo and will be held at Sarawak , this event must be a Borneo International Kite Festival , that is looking most wonderful with many different Kite will be in the sky . So who is a kite lover will be don't be let's this change gone to join this festival , I'm will be know this festival looking more happening about it too , so if you living near around must be try join this festival too . This also looking many different kite in the sky and will be make colourful like a rainbow about it , about this festival from far away also will be to join it , because seldom can see event like this .

That also will be many amateurs and professionals joining this fun and must be bring their family and friends too , about this event location at Bintulu , so will be many come from far to take this part too . About this festival also got prepared food stall for all people in this during event , so this will be looking more happening too . Whatever this event be start in this 25th September until 30th September , so for kite lovers don't be missed it to join this event with bring family and friends together to join it too , when on the ground that also got a chance to learns how to making a kite in this event , so these will be looking more happening in this Borneo International Kite Festival and hope this event will be continue next year again with bring more kite lovers coming soon to join this event ..... 

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Jelly Homemade Mooncake

This year I'm blogging again my sister homemade mooncake , this time she make different then last year . Can be see that picture above it , my sister homemade mooncake this year that is " Jelly Homemade Mooncake " about it and many different flavors about it too , so that will be make mouthwatering about it too . About my favorite about this homemade mooncake was be " Mango Flavor " because that fragrance with pure mango it , so I'm hope this year can be try my sister this homemade mooncake . About another flavors that is " chocolate " and " yam " so must be to try it this Jelly homemade mooncake . 

So I'm know that never be make disappointed about this homemade mooncake , what this must be keep in the refrigerator for cold always because that is jelly mooncake . If so cold about this Jelly mooncake will be nice to taste and feel like a dessert too , so for me seldom got try about jelly mooncake at outside there , so that jelly homemade mooncake looking excellent about it and looking will be people'choice about it . I'm also know my sister have a own regular customers to make order about this jelly homemade mooncake for celebration in this Monday coming soon it . 

Whatever I`m also celebrate about this mooncake festival too and will be looking more happening about it , for me this year looking will be more better and joyful in this festival . About me and my wife don`t have any special celebration in this mooncake festival except eating mooncake together with watching beautiful moon in the night for make celebration about it , so I'm Lanseikong at here wishing all chinese people at here " Happy Mooncake Festival "  with more joyful and happiness in this life .....

Monday, 17 September 2018

My Wife Homecook Steam Drumstick With Different Recipes

How delicious my wife cook this steam drumstick about it at home , this also my favorite in my life about steam chicken or steam drumstick , she use own recipes for cook this steam drumstick . Normally about this steam drumstick is looking fragrance with Serai and no salt , so this very nice for health too . I`m here be give THUMB UP for my wife this home cooking , actually too she just use Maggie sauce and sesame oil for cook this steam drumstick and include Serai about it too , so about this menu is looking different then another it  . When i`m taste this and can be eat more rice about it , so that can be think how delicious about my wife this home cooking , she also got own recipe for another menu at home too that is Curry Chicken , so next time i`m will be blogging my wife another home cooking that is about Curry Chicken . Normally my wife is like cooking , so I`m looking she also got talent about cooking , whatever I`m here also will be always support my wife .

About She Curry Chicken recipe , I`m also will be blogging coming soon when she cook this menu  , that home cook also looking delicious it too because I`m already got try my wife recipe about this Curry Chicken . She also use own recipes for home cooking about this Curry Chicken , about this menu also looking different then outside about it , why I`m say like it ? because she have a secret recipe for cooking about this Curry Chicken , so whatever coming soon I`m will be blogging my wife this menu at here too . So I`m very lucky have a wife is a cooking talent too , so I`m here looking happy and thanks to my wife because cook for me at home .....

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Remember The Day : 11th September 2001

Today is a remember day of World Trade Center after attack by terrorist in 11th September 2001 , so this around the world will be remember about that day until today about it . Whatever about this attacks is killed 2,996 people about it , that is very sad news for this world because losing many living about it , so this remember the day is important for remember what happen in this world now . That attacks from four airlines when hijacked by terrorist , about two of planes crashed into the North and South towers of World Trade Center . Another planes agains crashed into Pentagon and Washington D.C outside , that is a third plane and fourth plane . Normally this is a black history in United State , so every year all citizen at there will be remember that day , finally that make National September 11 memorial And Museum in New York , about that Pentagon Memorial in Arlington County and Flight 93 national Memorial in a field at Stonycreek Township , so that all is a remember the day place . Aftermath of the 911 attack many things already be change it . Whatever all people in this world will be remember about this history , so I`m Lanseikong is a lifestyle blogger at here also will be remember the day about it too

About aftermath that cleanup of the World Trade Center site was complete in May 2002 and that towers collapse also became known " Ground Zero " , the rescue workers also use that phrase " The Pile ", referring to the pile of rubble that was left after the buildings collapsed . The New York Mayor urged that the " ground zero " moniker be retired and saying " the times has come to call those 16 acres what they are The World Trade Center and the National September 11th Memorial and Museum " . That starting 11th March 2002 got eighty-eight searchlight were installed and arranged to form two beams of light shooting straight up into the sky , this is called the Tribute In Light and was originally lit every day at dusk until 14th April 2002 .....

Friday, 7 September 2018

Sunway Lagoon : Night Of Fright

This month got a biggest event in Sunway Lagoon about that is a Night Of Fright is back again at here and will haunting all people to visit this events at Sunway Lagoon , so already standby facing this scariest in this life . Whatever don`t be missed it to join this events . About this got two promotions that is promotions 1 and promotions 2 , so really don`t be missed it . that also got four scare zones is haunted Shipwreck . Jampi Asian Rituals , Killer Scarecrows and Tanah Puaka . so this four scare zones must be visit it and face the scariest about it 

- Jampi is path of asian witches chanting mantra and performing rituals 
- killer Scarecrows is a who scare the crows , but they also can kill
- Tanah Puaka is a crused land and walk carefully , but don`t be get caught it
- Haunted Shipwreck is a land of dead pirates is searching for haunted treasures

about this events also got dining at there like a Nestle Ice Cream , Scream Cafe , Captain Jack , Block 666 , Wild Bitez and Bloody Food Street , so must be find and try your favorite food at there and don't be missed it too . There also got merchandise in this events so can be try to visit it too , about merchandise at there like a Horror House , Horror Cabin , Evil Dead Stall , Pirates Cove and Horror Push Cart , so that looking excellent about this events . In this event still got many scariest place must be entry it , whatever don't forget bring your family or friends to join this Night of Fright in this September until October , so time for facing a scariest in this life ..... 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Planning For Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

  • Tomorrow is our special day that is 3rd Wedding Anniversary so that is looking great for me and my beloved wife about it , because that is so meaningful for our on this life . Now our planning how to celebrate this wedding anniversary together , whatever I'm have plan myself that is will be cook a delicious cuisine for my beloved wife in this wedding anniversary and also have another surprise for her . In our this wedding long time knots together , our have bad memories and sweet memories still together walk in front without give up in our this wedding knots . So why this very meaningful for me and my beloved wife , just only God be knows it . About my cooking menu for our wedding anniversary must be Western cuisine , because my beloved wife is looking like eat so I'm be do a best in my cooking style without disappointed her in this anniversary dinner . About this 3rd wedding anniversary that for me and my beloved wife will be continue celebrate in next year our wedding anniversary again and will be hope better planning again , so whatever now our now focus to celebrate our tomorrow wedding anniversary first , so hope tomorrow our wedding anniversary will be looking more happiness and joyful about it , so tomorrow is our special day and meaningful in this life .....

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Prepared To Celebrate Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival will be coming soon , so now many people will be looking busy now to find mooncake for their family and relatives , so that looking will be happening about it . About me also will be prepared for it coming soon , that is also looking Chinese culture too . Now mooncake have many flavors type , so many people have many choices to choose it . About me like a lotus double yolk because that fragrance with a lotus , so that never disappointed about it with that flavors . That also have homemade mooncake too and that different then outside it , about homemade mooncake is looking sometimes not sweetest and also healthy it , normally my sister also make homemade mooncake for selling to her customers and give to family too , so I'm will be waiting to try my sister homemade mooncake about it too . Whatever this year mooncake festival is looking will be more happening about it so for all Chinese friends at outside , let's together waiting to celebrate this festival it . About mooncake all can be choose homemade mooncake or factory mooncake for this festival coming soon it .

about this mooncake festival is have three meanings with thatclosely connected , that is about Gathering , Thanksgiving and Praying , so that that traditions and myths surrounding the festival about this three concepts . Although traditions have changed over time due to changes in techonolgy, science , economy , culture and religion .it`s about well being together . this festival too with atime enjoy the successful reaping of rice and wheat with food offerings made in honor of the moon .When eating mooncake and watch the moon , that is symbol of harmony and unity . About sharing mooncakes is one of hallmark traditions of this festival . Normally in chinese culture with a round shape symbolizes completeness and reunion , so about the senior person in that household would cut that mooncakes into pieces with a signifying family reunion ..... 

Saturday, 4 August 2018

1st Anniversary

Time is gone so fast in this life , I'm don't believe already one year join in this blogging world so that is looking excellent for me in this 1st Anniversary about it , so I'm will be continue blogging again because that is looking excellent too be a blogger about it . Already one year I'm blogging about it but still looking like a newcomer because I'm still be more learning again in this blogging world , I'm also thanks to some people in this world always reading my blog at here , I'm will be try do the best again and hope more will be joyful when reading my blog coming soon it . Maybe my blog more looking simple about it but that important is can be give bit entertain when reading my this simple blog about it . I'm know many excellent blogger at outside there and will try learn something from them , if got a chance soon it . 

Whatever I'm still keep my blogging style that is more focus for " lifestyle " about it , that is blogging about my lifestyle and anything happen at outside there to . For me that so excellent be a " lifestyle blogger " about it because can be sharing anything too about lifestyle don't care at where it too , so I'm so happy be a lifestyle blogger in this life and also thanks with my wife and family always support me from behind in this blogging world , if without them support me maybe I'm can't be blogging until today here . Finally is I'm Lanseikong will be keep blogging at here and that important I'm proud myself can be a lifestyle blogger too and never forget all my blog readers at outside there and around the world too ..... 

Thanks guys !!! 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Mulia Resort @ Nusa Dua Bali

The Mulia Resort is a the best of one resort and most popular in Bali too , This looking not disappointed about this resort at there and many tourist will be come at here for vacation too . About me and my wife will be at there in tbis November for vacation , so have chance to visit this most popular resort in this island , about Bali got many interesting culture story about it too , so no wonder why many tourist from different country will be take vacation in this island . Bali also is almost beautiful island in this world , for me and my wife this is a first time want vacation in Bali island in this November soon , so this a good for us take another best vacation in this life after South Korea last year , whatever in this November is the best journey about it and waiting to blogging about situation at there too .

About this resort have good imagine with a beautiful designation at outdoor it , that looking have a luxury own destination with a four swimming pool from the ocean front pool with swim-up bar it , that also have children's splash pool or private cabana pool with poolside treat . About that dining for selection in this resort have Japanese , Chinese , Pan-Asian & Mediterranean and finally is with other International cuisine too . About Mulia Resort also have many beach activities from canoeing until wind surfing to stand-up paddle boarding on Nusa Dua'clam waters , where you are seeking to go solo or with family and friends too . So this a excellent journey to transform this vacation into one full of action ......

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes silence that not means have fault , just be thinking a right words in this life before speech it .


Monday, 9 July 2018

Homemade Huge Burger

I'm is back in this blog after 1 month dont have blogging it , whatever i'm here got feeling bit hungry now when see that picture about it and make be mouthwatering it , that is my sister homemade burger , maybe looking not too much different about it but that is looking delicious it because got bit huge about this burger , because got more veggies and tomato too . Whatever this nice for breakfast menu before go to work or school about it , , but for me can be eat more then one about this homemade huge burger , normally i'm just kidding only . How can be eat more then one about this homemade huge burger , with my opinions about this homemade huge burger also can be get extra meats for this and looking wonderlust about it too and finally with a black pepper sauce and that feel can be mouthwatering too with bit taste spicy it in this huge burger . Maybe one day i'm also will be try make homemade huge burger for breakfast or tea time with my wife too , because burger that is not disappointed menu in this lifestyle and also best fastfood too .

Whatever I'm will be follow up my sister homemade cuisine or pastry again maybe this time just be looking simple but that can be give thumb up about this huge burger . Normally i'm also is like eat burger too , but my favorite is a double cheese burger . So i'm think if i'm make burger at homemade will be give extra cheese about it too , because cheese that wil be make mouthwatering too and never disappointed about it . Finally is lets all try make huge burger at homemade for your family or friends .....

Monday, 4 June 2018

Kim Hing Lee ( Donggongon )

Just now I'm and my wife taking breakfast at area Donggongon there , we find and stay one chinese kopitiam is looking old kopitiam at there and i'm see that signboard inside that kopitiam with write down about since in 1982 . That is my born date too and this mean this kopitiam already have 36 years at here , so no wonder this kopitiam is looking interior design is old fashion about tables and chairs about it . 

This kopitiam name is Kim Hing Lee and sell non-halal cuisine about it , that is looking many chinese people or non-muslim will be stay in this kopitiam for taking breakfast or lunch too . This kopitiam only sell soup noodle , meehoon and kuew teow . About dried is must be popular at there is a kon lau mian and must be to try it , so i'm order kon lau mian just and my wife order meehoon soup about it . 

About this kon lau mian maybe is looking simple but that can be make full it when need extra noodle about it , that maybe also bit expensive about it with price RM 12 when need extra noodle it , whatever i'm will be give a rated about this kon lau mian with 4 stars about it and that bacon meatball looking so fresh and  smooth about it and when to bite it that can be feel how delicious about that bacon meatball in this soup too , so that never make disappointed about try this bacon meatball , so can be bring family or friends to stay at here too . 

This also is nice destination for taking breakfast or lunch too , that also can be make to take away too . This is first time i'm and my wife stay in this kopitiam and taking breakfast at here too , however maybe will be come back again but hope that price must be bit cheaper coming soon it , about this kopitiam will be operation from 6.30 am to 03.00 pm . Finally is thanks about that food is looking fresh and delicious too , so who not yet try taking breakfast and lunch in this kopitiam , must be try bring family or friends to stay here ..... 

Kim Hing Lee 
Lot 5 , Jalan Penampang , 
Pekan Donggongon , 
88500 , Kota Kinabalu , 
Sabah . 

Tel : +60128125642

Friday, 25 May 2018

Steam Salted Chicken

That picture above it will be make mouthwatering about it , that is looking how delicious it . Whatever this cuisine is name Steam Salted Chicken and many people can be try make itself at home for family too , this menu looking is easy about it just be use wrapping for this chicken and pour bit salt about it and after that can be start to steam it . That also can be use chicken drumstick or whole chicken , when you after try this menu and will be give thumb up too and never disappointed about this cuisine . About this cuisine can order at outside any chinese restaurant too , because this cuisine is also looking popular it .

Whatever if want to saving baget can be make this cuisine at home and enjoy it with family at home , about me already many time got eat this cuisine when during schooltime and my mom make this cuisine at home for every weekends or public holiday , so I'm never disappointed with my mom cook style . Reminder once again at here about this cuisine , just be use wrapping for this chicken with pour bit salt and wrap it , finally is ready to steam it . So must be try this cuisine at home and after try this will be same idea like me will feel how delicious it and that is called " food paradise " about it too ....

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wordless Wednesday

A thousands words will be keep in the one picture and just be imagine about it 


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Cybertroopers Vs Bloggers

Today I'm blogging about what different about Cybertroopers and Bloggers in this country , normally theirs both is looking doing same things , that is use keyboard for writing something about it . But cybertroopers is looking more focus for politics propraganda about it then bloggers just looking doing for freestyle about it with any issue happen in this life , so that is looking different about it . Normally cybertroopers also is called " keyboard warrior " too in this country , so that looking will be more powerful in this social media too . About cybertroopers also get payment and looking so important in politics propraganda , when during general elections about it too . 

About bloggers that looking small character in social media but looking large audience about it , but they looking freestyle when blogging about it too . That also looking always update their blog in this social media , but bloggers is not " keyboard warrior " like a cybertroopers in social media , about theirs just looking important for all people in this living with always follow any blog at social media . Whatever cybertroopers or bloggers is looking different , that important is doing is a right thing in the social media ..... 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Harvest Festival In Sabah

Harvest Festival is a Kadazandusun festival in Sabah , this looking more happening about this festival with can be eat tradisional culture foods and drinks like hinava , bosou and tuhau . About drinks is looking more popular that must be montoku , bahar , tumpung and tapai . That is looking so happening about this festival in Sabah , this also many tourist from any country also be join together to celebrate this festival too and will be held at KDCA in Penampang . Whatever many food stall will be at there during this festival from non-halal until halal foods will be sold at food stall there , so don't be missed it to visit KDCA during this Harvest Festival will be start this month until end of this month too . Can be bring family or friends to join this festival and visit long house at there and " jambatan gantung " too , that also got many another activities waiting for all to join it 

That also got beauty contest that is called Unduk Ngadau during this festival and many particiants from all Sabah will be join this contest and will be know who be a winner for this Harvest Festival . Normally this also tribute for Huminodun , is a young pretty woman who sacrifice herself for all Sabahan when during dry season without any foods grows it too . So this tales most popular in Sabah , so who want know tales of Huminodun can be search at google too .....

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a special day for all woman in this world already be called mother , because today is a Mother's Day about it with full meaning too . Normally mother is a special human in this world because with a biggest sacrifice for her family and childrens , she also is a " queen of the heart " in this living with do many thing in the family can be say mother is a guardian angel too in the family with always protect their childrens . Whatever we must be so proud for all woman in this world as a mother too , if without them our is a man also will be alone in this world too .

Whatever today is mother's day , so bring our mother hang out and celebrate this mother's day together too with full cheering in this celebrations . We also must be remember she sacrifice too for us in the family don't care at where it . Finally is take care our mother in this life with true heart , because she is a " queen of the heart " in this world ......


Friday, 11 May 2018


One popular legend in Sabah about construction of the Tamparuli Bridge , this story beginning from a beautiful village girl named Solungkoi with fall in love with a British officer named Robinson , them looking loving each other and full happiness about it . But in the village got one local guy named Intang also fall in love with Solungkoi too , whatever Solungkoi never have feel with him and only just love Robinson , because Robinson looking more handsome and also is an officer then Intang only just a ordinary worker under Robinson too . So when Solungkoi reject Intang love and finally his want revenge about it .

When Robinson still finding answer why that bridge his build it always collapse when flood it , so his ask Intang and want find a truth it . Whatever Intang believe supernatural and told Robinson about the water ghost need a young beautiful woman be his wife and must be sacrifice it , so his suggest Robinson need sacrifice Solungkoi for the water ghost be his wife and that bridge never collapse again .When his know that answer from Intang and don't have choice about it , want sacrifice his lover or saved his job as officer .

Finally his choose to sacrifice his lover for build that bridge it , when during night got party in the village , all villagers looking so joyful include Solungkoi . So when all villagers drunks include Solungkoi , this a time for Robinson sacrifice Solungkoi for the water ghost with bury alive under the bridge , when Solungkoi cry and told Robinson lets her go , but his don't care about it and the water ghost waiting Solungkoi be his wife in the water . Solungkoi make a promise with the water ghost and need Robinson sacrifice too , so that bridge never collapse again , after Solungkoi bury alive under the bridge ,  Robinson make a tombstone by a steel plate with writing down his lover name Solungkoi at under the bridge it . Finally his also killed himself and fallen into river with the water ghost put him down under the river .....

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Legend is Back : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Finally this legend is back , we all Malaysian so proud and honour with our lovely country hero that is a Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad , his is a looking great prime minister we have in this country . His also lovely man with all Malaysian in this country , so this is a good news for all in this country . Actually his is always help citizen in this country don't care at where and also is a " modern father " and malay called " bapa permodenan " , his already do many things in this country like build Petronas Twins Tower , Sepang , MSC , Putrajaya , Penang Bridge and KLIA . That is important is his always looking this country economy with greatest with helping all citizen living looking standard , so his is truly country hero it . 

So all Malaysians will be looking more happiness back when his come back be a prime minister in this country and so proud about it too , this time his back is a 7th Prime Minister and also is the " oldest prime minister " in this world . Whatever we so happy and peace in living in this country once more time again , so I'm Lanseikong is a lifestyle blogger at here with honour this truly hero in this country with name Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad and hope can be meets him in Sabah coming soon again and thanks with him come back be Prime Minister once more time again ......

Friday, 4 May 2018

Thanks God Is Friday !

TGIF ! Whatever characters I'm will be choose be act in the movies , normally I'm still is a ordinary simple character in this reality life .....

Just be think today is TGIF ! 

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Earth Day 2018

Today is second biggest day in this world , that is Earth Day , normally this also learn how to save our world from any pollution about it . Now our must be stop this pollution from destroy any lifestyle in this world , so about this earth day that is remembering for how to loving our this world and avoid pollution it . Now many country also start join this campaign after Earth Hour , normally this earth day is held every year in April it , so this looking how wonderlust about this campaign too . 

Our must be save any wildlife in this world too from pollution about it , this is first crisis pollution in this world , so must be start to stop it now . Sometimes people will be asking what different about earth hour and earth day ? Actually that have same concept is saving this world from any pollution crisis it , so about this both campaign held in every year that is so important and teaching all around the people start to stop pollution about it too , so don't be never missed this both campaign and join together to celebrate this both campaign be held every years ......

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Tribute To Beatles

Many people still never forget about 60's popular band in this world , that must be Beatles . About this band with four talent band member , they was John Lennon , Ringo Starr , Paul McCartney and George Harrison . Normally many young lady is a fanstatic fans with a Beatles , no wonder this band until be called  ' beatlesmania ' by they fanstatic fans about it . Actually this band have many greatest song that time until now still have some people like and sing they song too , about me like they song is Hey Jude , Yellow Submarine and Elanor Rigby . Whatever they all already split long time ago , but still excellent band in the world today it . 

This band split after John Lennon killed by fanstatic fans about it , that so sad in the world after losing one talent artist in the Beatles , finally they three member split and get solo in the music industry after John Lennon dies . However this band album still got since in music industry about , now many indie band all around the world got bit with a Beatles genre , so that looking excellent about it too . Finally is however this band gone it , but they music and song still look alive about it and make our feel back to 60's year with this excellent song it .......

Thursday, 12 April 2018

How Excellent About DJI Drone

DJI Drone is a popular remote control with a CCTV about it , this is can be a toys for all adult people too when during free time , DJI drone is a normally that flight without pilot or modern techninology flight model it . Many drone type about it with different style , speed and hi- technic CCTV it , about that price for this drone also looking expensive it too with follow drone style . Now many people play this drone like a hobby when during free time and also collection it too , so who get a drone can be say be proud it too . 

That is good things for all people for doing any job too like be spying something at outside there without any people know it . Whatevet this drone more be a hobby and collection it , before this time I'm also hope get this drone coming soon it , this also looking enjoy with play this drone , many drone type also with a excellent name drone with different style it . About this drone also can be in categories " modern mini helicopter " too , this will be looking excited with play this drone . 

Finally is hope maybe one day got " drone competition " about it too and will be get more again drone player it . So whatever about this drone is good techninology in the people life about it , that also will be never make disappointed for who be a drone player in this lifestyle , how too know maybe one day I'm also can be drone player it .....

HMAS Toowoomba in Kota Kinabalu

That how excellent about Australian Navy HMAS TOOWOOMBA just be arrived at Sepanggar Base , Kota Kinabalu . That is looking so amazing about it , us all Sabahan so proud about it with Australian Navy visit our state at here and hope more foreign navy again visit this state , they also can be learn sabah culture , local food and visit interesting place too . Whatever that also hope bloggers or journalist can be meets this navy in sepanggar base , because this seldom meets foreign navy at kota kinabalu . Finally is thanks with Australian Navy coming to Kota Kinabalu for a few days at here , so I'm Lanseikong is a lifestyle blogger proud with Australian Navy come to Kota Kinabalu .... 

Welcome to KK .... HMAS TOOWOOMBA !

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Kupi-Kupi FM Concert 2018

This week got special event from Sabahan Radio Station that is Kupi-Kupi FM , about this event at KDCA during this Saturday . So don't be let's this chance go to join this event and can watch your favourite artist and radio dj about it , that also got invite artist from Indonesia , that is Kotak . So can be bring family or friends to join this event , that also can be take chance to autograph with favourite artist too . 

Whatever this also with free entrance about it for this event , this event be starting at 6pm about it . This event also be looking more happening about it , just only once time in every year too . Last year about that event also be get excited supporting from crowd about it , so this year will be more happening than last year it , about this radio station Kupi-Kupi FM also got popular in Sabah . Finally is I'm Lanseikong also support this this event too , so don't forget bring your family and friends to join this event .....

Sunday, 1 April 2018

April's Fool Day

Today is a April's Fool looking all around the world to celebrate it , normally this make a joke or fool with friends it . So let's be who will be victim of fool in this april's fool about it , whatever this is sometimes will be looking also be controversial it too about this foolish day . So must avoid for anything bad happen when make a joke or fool with friends it , actually this many teenagers like this foolish day because can trick a friends it and also will be make a laugh too when see friends get trick it . This year april's fool also looking more happening it because also is Easter Day in this weekend , so whatever enjoy yourself to celebrate this april's fool and easter day about it with feel how excellent with double celebrations it ......

Monday, 26 March 2018

Grab Service Is Best Lower Fee Transportion

Now many people will be looking easy come and go at any destination it with a Grab transportions with a lower fee it . Actually since a grab tranportions is a good for many people without own transport it and also just only pay lower fee when by grab it , that another things is fast arrive your destination too , so that don't have any problem with this grab tranport service . Any people can be apply that Grab Application at androids mobile it for easy calling grab when need it anytime , this also almost popular in Southeast Asia. That all country in Southeast Asia can be say got this Grab transportion , so no wonder many people be use this service . 

About Taxi Service now can be say hard to get more income it after since grab service it , so many taxi driver critics about since this grab . But for me about this grab is helping some passengers can't pay higher fee for taxi service , so be this grab be give lower fee for all passengers when use grab it , so that why many people use grab service then taxi service it . About me also support this grab service for all people , that grab driver is male or female also looking friendly it for they passengers so this never disappointed when use grab service .

Finally is about who want be grab driver nevermind male of female also can it , that important follow that grab company rules it . So that don't have problem for it be a grab driver . About that rules is own car must be below 9 years , what cars can be use it except Perodua Kancil and Viva for be a grab transport it . That also must be register be a grab driver too and must be own drive it , so that is looking never hard to follow this grab's rules if want be a grab driver . So who got interest be a grab driver can be start it now ......

Tasty Wok @ Venition Club

Memang syiok kalau mendapat menjejaki tempat makan yang hebat ni , tsmpat ni memang merupakan ada kelas sendiri dan merupakan sebuah kelab y...